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  • چربش اینجا دان که جان فربه شود ** کار نااومید اینجا به شود
  • Know that here (where the saints abide) the (meaning of) “fat” is that the soul becomes fat (flourishing), and (know that) here the plight of the desperate is made good.
  • جمع آمدن اهل آفت هر صباحی بر در صومعه‌ی عیسی علیه السلام جهت طلب شفا به دعای او
  • How the smitten would assemble every morning at the door of the (monastic) cell of Jesus, on whom be peace, craving to be healed through his prayer.
  • صومعه‌ی عیسیست خوان اهل دل ** هان و هان ای مبتلا این در مهل
  • The table of the spiritual is (like) the cell of Jesus: O afflicted one, beware, beware! Do not forsake this door!
  • جمع گشتندی ز هر اطراف خلق ** از ضریر و لنگ و شل و اهل دلق
  • From all sides the people would gather—blind and lame and palsied and clothed in rags—
  • بر در آن صومعه‌ی عیسی صباح ** تا بدم اوشان رهاند از جناح 300
  • At the door of the cell of Jesus in the morning, that he by his breath might deliver them from tribulation.
  • او چو فارغ گشتی از اوراد خویش ** چاشتگه بیرون شدی آن خوب‌کیش
  • As soon as he finished his litanies, that man of goodly religion (Jesus) would go forth at morning tide,
  • جوق جوقی مبتلا دیدی نزار ** شسته بر در در امید و انتظار
  • And would see troops of afflicted feeble folk seated at the door in hope and expectancy.
  • گفتی ای اصحاب آفت از خدا ** حاجت این جملگانتان شد روا
  • (Then) he would say, “O ye that are smitten, the wants of all you here present have been granted by God.
  • هین روان گردید بی رنج و عنا ** سوی غفاری و اکرام خدا
  • Hark, set off and go without pain or trouble towards the forgiveness and kindness of God.”
  • جملگان چون اشتران بسته‌پای ** که گشایی زانوی ایشان برای 305
  • All, like tethered camels whose knees you unbind with foresight,
  • خوش دوان و شادمانه سوی خان ** از دعای او شدندی پا دوان
  • At his prayer would begin to run on their feet, hastening gladly and joyously to their homes.