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  • چون کریمی گویدت آتش در آ ** اندر آ زود و مگو سوزد مرا
  • When a generous man bids thee come into the fire, come in quickly and do not say, “It will burn me.”
  • حکایت مندیل در تنور پر آتش انداختن انس رضی الله عنه و ناسوختن
  • The story of Anas, may God be pleased with him: how he cast a napkin into a fiery oven, and it was not burnt.
  • از انس فرزند مالک آمدست ** که به مهمانی او شخصی شدست 3110
  • It has come (down to us) concerning Anas son of Málik that a certain person became his guest.
  • او حکایت کرد کز بعد طعام ** دید انس دستارخوان را زردفام
  • He (that person) related that after the meal Anas saw the table-napkin (was) yellow in hue,
  • چرکن و آلوده گفت ای خادمه ** اندر افکن در تنورش یک‌دمه
  • Dirty and stained; and said, “O maid-servant, throw it into the oven at once.”
  • در تنور پر ز آتش در فکند ** آن زمان دستارخوان را هوشمند
  • Thereupon the intelligent (maid) threw it into the oven, which was full of fire.
  • جمله مهمانان در آن حیران شدند ** انتظار دود کندوری بدند
  • All the guests were astounded thereat: they were in expectation of (seeing) the smoke of the (burning) napkin.
  • بعد یکساعت بر آورد از تنور ** پاک و اسپید و از آن اوساخ دور 3115
  • After a short time she took it out of the oven, clean and white and purged of that filth.
  • قوم گفتند ای صحابی عزیز ** چون نسوزید و منقی گشت نیز
  • The party (of guests) said, “O venerable Companion (of the Prophet), how didn't it burn, and how too did it become cleansed?”
  • گفت زانک مصطفی دست و دهان ** بس بمالید اندرین دستارخوان
  • He replied, “Because Mustafá (Mohammed) often rubbed his hands and lips on this napkin.”
  • ای دل ترسنده از نار و عذاب ** با چنان دست و لبی کن اقتراب
  • O heart afraid of the fire and torment (of Hell), draw nigh unto such a hand and lip as that!