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  • گفت اسرار ترا با آن غلام ** جمله وا گویم یکایک من تمام
  • He (the slave) said, “I will relate all thy secret dealings with that slave, one by one;
  • زان زمانی که خریدی تو مرا ** تا به اکنون باز گویم ماجرا
  • I will relate what has passed (between us) from the time when thou didst purchase me until now,
  • تا بدانی که همانم در وجود ** گرچه از شبدیز من صبحی گشود
  • That thou mayst know I am the same in (my spiritual) existence, though a (bright) dawn has opened forth from my night-hued (body).
  • رنگ دیگر شد ولیکن جان پاک ** فارغ از رنگست و از ارکان و خاک
  • The colour is changed; but the pure spirit is free from colour and from the (four) elements and the dust.”
  • تن‌شناسان زود ما را گم کنند ** آب‌نوشان ترک مشک و خم کنند 3190
  • They that know the body (alone) soon lose us; (but) they that quaff the (spiritual) water abandon the (bodily) water-skin and jar.
  • جان‌شناسان از عددها فارغ‌اند ** غرقه‌ی دریای بی‌چونند و چند
  • They that know the spirit are free from numbers (plurality): they are sunk in the Sea that is without quality or quantity.
  • جان شو و از راه جان جان را شناس ** یار بینش شو نه فرزند قیاس
  • Become spirit and know spirit by means of spirit: become the friend of vision (clairvoyant), not the child of ratiocination.
  • چون ملک با عقل یک سررشته‌اند ** بهر حکمت را دو صورت گشته‌اند
  • Forasmuch as the Angel is one in origin with Intelligence, (and) they have (only) become two (different) forms for the sake of (the Divine) Wisdom—
  • آن ملک چون مرغ بال و پر گرفت ** وین خرد بگذاشت پر و فر گرفت
  • The Angel assumed wings and pinions like a bird, while this Intelligence left wings (behind) and assumed (immaterial) splendour—
  • لاجرم هر دو مناصر آمدند ** هر دو خوش رو پشت همدیگر شدند 3195
  • Necessarily both became co-adjutors: both the beauteous ones became a support to one another.