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  • مستحق شرح را سنگ و کلوخ ** ناطقی گردد مشرح با رسوخ
  • To him that is worthy to (hear) the exposition, stones and brickbats become an articulate and well-grounded exponent.
  • بیان آنک حق تعالی هرچه داد و آفرید از سماوات و ارضین و اعیان و اعراض همه باستدعاء حاجت آفرید خود را محتاج چیزی باید کردن تا بدهد کی امن یجیب المضطر اذا دعاه اضطرار گواه استحقاقست
  • Explaining that whatsoever God most High bestowed and created— the heavens and the earths and the substances and the accidents— He created all (this) at the demand of need, and that one must make one's self in need of a thing, so that He may bestow it; for “… Or He who answers the sorely distressed when he calls unto Him?” Sore distress is the evidence of worthiness (to receive the Divine bounty).
  • آن نیاز مریمی بودست و درد ** که چنان طفلی سخن آغاز کرد
  • ’Twas Mary's want and pain that made such a babe (as Jesus) begin to speak (in the cradle).
  • جزو او بی او برای او بگفت ** جزو جزوت گفت دارد در نهفت 3205
  • Part of her spoke on her behalf without her: every part of thee hath speech in secret.
  • دست و پا شاهد شوندت ای رهی ** منکری را چند دست و پا نهی
  • Thy hands and feet become witnesses (against thee), O slave: how long wilt thou set hand and foot (strenuously apply thyself) to denial?
  • ور نباشی مستحق شرح و گفت ** ناطقه‌ی ناطق ترا دید و بخفت
  • And if thou art not worthy of (hearing) the exposition and the speech, the rational soul of the speaker saw thee (to be unworthy) and went to sleep (refrained from action).
  • هر چه رویید از پی محتاج رست ** تا بیابد طالبی چیزی که جست
  • Whatsoever grew has grown for the sake of the needy, in order that a seeker may find the thing he sought.
  • حق تعالی گر سماوات آفرید ** از برای دفع حاجات آفرید
  • If God most High has created the heavens, He has created them for the purpose of removing needs.
  • هر کجا دردی دوا آنجا رود ** هر کجا فقری نوا آنجا رود 3210
  • Wherever a pain is, the cure goes thither; wherever a poverty is, the provision goes thither.
  • هر کجا مشکل جواب آنجا رود ** هر کجا کشتیست آب آنجا رود
  • Wherever a difficult question is, the answer goes thither; wherever a ship is, the water goes thither.
  • آب کم جو تشنگی آور بدست ** تا بجوشد آب از بالا و پست
  • Do not seek the water, (but) get thirst, so that the water may gush forth from above and below.