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  • عجز از ادراک ماهیت عمو ** حالت عامه بود مطلق مگو 3650
  • To be unable to perceive the quiddity, uncle, is the condition of common men: do not say it absolutely,
  • زانک ماهیات و سر سر آن ** پیش چشم کاملان باشد عیان
  • Inasmuch as quiddities and their inmost secret are clearly visible to the eyes of the Perfect.
  • در وجود از سر حق و ذات او ** دورتر از فهم و استبصار کو
  • Where in existence is (anything) more remote from understanding and mental perception than the consciousness and essence of God?
  • چونک آن مخفی نماند از محرمان ** ذات و وصفی چیست کان ماند نهان
  • Since that does not remain hidden from (His) familiars, what is the essence and attribute that should remain concealed?
  • عقل بحثی گوید این دورست و گو ** بی ز تاویل محالی کم شنو
  • The intellect of the scholastic theologian says, “This is far (from reasonable) and deeply involved (in error): do not listen to an absurdity without some explanation.”
  • قطب گوید مر ترا ای سست‌حال ** آنچ فوق حال تست آید محال 3655
  • The Qutb (the Head of the Saints) replies, “To thee, O infirm one, that which is above thy (spiritual) state seems absurd.”
  • واقعاتی که کنونت بر گشود ** نه که اول هم محالت می‌نمود
  • The visions which are now revealed to you, is it not the case that at first they seemed absurd to you?
  • چون رهانیدت ز ده زندان کرم ** تیه را بر خود مکن حبس ستم
  • Inasmuch as the (Divine) Bounty has released you from ten prisons, do not make the (wide) desert an oppressive prison to yourself.
  • جمع و توفیق میان نفی و اثبات یک چیز از روی نسبت و اختلاف جهت
  • How the negation and affirmation of one (and the same) thing may be combined and reconciled from the standpoint of relativity and difference of aspect.
  • نفی آن یک چیز و اثباتش رواست ** چون جهت شد مختلف نسبت دوتاست
  • It is possible to deny and affirm the same thing: when the point of view is different, the relation is twofold.
  • ما رمیت اذ رمیت از نسبتست ** نفی و اثباتست و هر دو مثبتست
  • (The text) thou didst not throw when thou threwest is relative: it is negation and affirmation: both are authorised.