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  • هم بنسبت گیر این مفتوح را ** که بدانی و ندانی نوح را
  • Regard also as (explicable) by means of relation this (subject) which was opened (above), (namely) that you know and do not know Noah.
  • مسله‌ی فنا و بقای درویش
  • The question of the faná and baqá of the dervish.
  • گفت قایل در جهان درویش نیست ** ور بود درویش آن درویش نیست
  • The speaker said, “There is no dervish in the world; and if there be a dervish, that dervish is (really) non-existent.”
  • هست از روی بقای ذات او ** نیست گشته وصف او در وصف هو 3670
  • He exists in respect of the survival of his essence, (but) his attributes have become non-existent in the attributes of Him (God).
  • چون زبانه‌ی شمع پیش آفتاب ** نیست باشد هست باشد در حساب
  • Like the flame of a candle in the presence of the sun, he is (really) non-existent, (though he is) existent in (formal) calculation.
  • هست باشد ذات او تا تو اگر ** بر نهی پنبه بسوزد زان شرر
  • Its (the flame's) essence is existent, so that, if you put cotton upon it, it (the cotton) will be consumed by the sparks;
  • نیست باشد روشنی ندهد ترا ** کرده باشد آفتاب او را فنا
  • (But) it is (really) non-existent: it gives you no light: the sun will have naughted it.
  • در دو صد من شهد یک اوقیه خل ** چون در افکندی و در وی گشت حل
  • When you have thrown an ounce of vinegar into two hundred maunds of sugar, and it has become dissolved therein,
  • نیست باشد طعم خل چون می‌چشی ** هست اوقیه فزون چون برکشی 3675
  • The flavour of the vinegar, when you taste (the sugar), is non-existent, (though) the ounce exists (as a) surplus when you weigh.
  • پیش شیری آهوی بیهوش شد ** هستی‌اش در هست او روپوش شد
  • In the presence of a lion a deer becomes senseless: her existence becomes a (mere) veil for his existence.
  • این قیاس ناقصان بر کار رب ** جوشش عشقست نه از ترک ادب
  • These analogies drawn by imperfect men concerning the action of the Lord are (like) the emotion of love, (they are) not from irreverence.