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  • گفت او سحرست و ویرانی تو ** گفت من سحرست و دفع سحر او
  • Her (the fleshly soul's) words are magic and thy ruin; my words are (lawful) magic and the counter-charm to her magic.”
  • مکرر کردن عاذلان پند را بر آن مهمان آن مسجد مهمان کش
  • How the fault-finders repeated their advice to the guest of the guest-killing mosque.
  • گفت پیغامبر که ان فی البیان ** سحرا و حق گفت آن خوش پهلوان
  • The Prophet said, “Verily, there is a magic in eloquence”; and that goodly hero spake the truth.
  • هین مکن جلدی برو ای بوالکرم ** مسجد و ما را مکن زین متهم 4080
  • “Hey, do not commit a foolhardy act, (but) depart, O generous man, and do not make the mosque and us suspected on this account;
  • که بگوید دشمنی از دشمنی ** آتشی در ما زند فردا دنی
  • For an enemy will speak form enmity, and to-morrow the villain will rouse a fire (of suspicion) against us,
  • که بتاسانید او را ظالمی ** بر بهانه‌ی مسجد او بد سالمی
  • Saying, ‘Some wicked man strangled him, (knowing that) on the pretext of the mosque he was safe (from suspicion),
  • تا بهانه‌ی قتل بر مسجد نهد ** چونک بدنامست مسجد او جهد
  • So that he might impute the murder to the mosque and, since the mosque has a bad name, might escape.’
  • تهمتی بر ما منه ای سخت‌جان ** که نه‌ایم آمن ز مکر دشمنان
  • Do not lay any suspicion upon us, O man of valiant spirit, for we are not secure from the craft of (our) enemies.
  • هین برو جلدی مکن سودا مپز ** که نتان پیمود کیوان را بگز 4085
  • Come now, depart! Do not be foolhardy, do not cherish vain desire, for it is impossible to measure (the planet) Saturn by the ell.
  • چون تو بسیاران بلافیده ز بخت ** ریش خود بر کنده یک یک لخت لخت
  • Many like thee have prated of (their) luck, (and in the end) they have torn out their beards, one by one, piecemeal.
  • هین برو کوتاه کن این قیل و قال ** خویش و ما را در میفکن در وبال
  • Hey, begone ! Cut short this palaver ! Do not cast thyself and us into woe!"
  • جواب گفتن مهمان ایشان را و مثل آوردن بدفع کردن حارس کشت به بانگ دف از کشت شتری را کی کوس محمودی بر پشت او زدندی
  • How the guest answered them and adduced the parable of the guardian of the cornfield who, by making a noise with the tomtom, sought to drive away from the cornfield a camel on whose back they were beating the big kettle-drum of (Sultan) Mahmúd.