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  • نیست محرم تا بگویم بی‌نفاق ** تن زدم والله اعلم بالوفاق
  • There is no confidant (familiar with this mystery), that I should speak without insincerity (reserve). I will keep silence, and God best knoweth the (true) accord.
  • مال و تن برف‌اند ریزان فنا ** حق خریدارش که الله اشتری 4115
  • The goods (of this world) and the body are snow melting away to naught; (yet) God is their purchaser, for God hath purchased.
  • برفها زان از ثمن اولیستت ** که هیی در شک یقینی نیستت
  • The snows seem to you better than the price, because you are in doubt: you have no certainty (no sure faith),
  • وین عجب ظنست در تو ای مهین ** که نمی‌پرد به بستان یقین
  • And in you, O contemptible man, there is this marvellous opinion that does not fly to the garden of certainty.
  • هر گمان تشنه‌ی یقینست ای پسر ** می‌زند اندر تزاید بال و پر
  • O son, every opinion is thirsting for certainty and emulously flapping its wings (in quest thereof).
  • چون رسد در علم پس پر پا شود ** مر یقین را علم او بویا شود
  • When it attains to knowledge, then the wing becomes a foot, and its knowledge begins to scent certainty,
  • زانک هست اندر طریق مفتتن ** علم کمتر از یقین و فوق ظن 4120
  • For in the tested Way knowledge is inferior to certainty, but above opinion.
  • علم جویای یقین باشد بدان ** و آن یقین جویای دیدست و عیان
  • Know that knowledge is a seeker of certainty, and certainty is a seeker of vision and intuition.
  • اندر الهیکم بجو این را کنون ** از پس کلا پس لو تعلمون
  • Seek this (difference between knowledge and intuitive certainty) now, in (the Súra which begins with) Alhákum, after (the word) kallá and after (the words) lau ta‘lamún.
  • می‌کشد دانش ببینش ای علیم ** گر یقین گشتی ببینندی جحیم
  • Knowledge leads to vision, O knowing one: if it (knowledge) became (intuitive) certainty, they would see Hell.