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  • آنگه ا ز شهر و ز خویشان بر خوری ** کز غریبی رنج و محنتها بری
  • (Only) then wilt thou enjoy thy (native) town and thy kinsfolk when thou sufferest pains and tribulations from exile.’”
  • تمثیل گریختن ممن و بی‌صبری او در بلا به اضطراب و بی‌قراری نخود و دیگر حوایج در جوش دیگ و بر دویدن تا بیرون جهند
  • Comparison of the true believer's fleeing (from tribulation) and his impatience in affliction to the agitation and restlessness of chick-peas and other pot-herbs when boiling in the pot, and to their running upwards in order to jump out.
  • بنگر اندر نخودی در دیگ چون ** می‌جهد بالا چو شد ز آتش زبون
  • Look at a chickpea in the pot, how it leaps up when it is subjected to the fire.
  • هر زمان نخود بر آید وقت جوش ** بر سر دیگ و برآرد صد خروش 4160
  • At the time of its being boiled, the chickpea comes up continually to the top of the pot and raises a hundred cries,
  • که چرا آتش به من در می‌زنی ** چون خریدی چون نگونم می‌کنی
  • Saying, “Why are you setting the fire on me? Since you bought (and approved) me, how are you turning me upside down?”
  • می‌زند کفلیز کدبانو که نی ** خوش بجوش و بر مجه ز آتش‌کنی
  • The housewife goes on hitting it with the ladle. “No!” says she: “boil nicely and don't jump away from one who makes the fire.
  • زان نجوشانم که مکروه منی ** بلک تا گیری تو ذوق و چاشنی
  • I do not boil you because you are hateful to me: nay, ’tis that you may get taste and savour,
  • تا غذی گردی بیامیزی بجان ** بهرخواری نیستت این امتحان
  • So that you may become nutriment and mingle with the (vital) spirit: this affliction of yours is not on account of (your) being despised.
  • آب می‌خوردی به بستان سبز و تر ** بهراین آتش بدست آن آب خور 4165
  • You, when green and fresh, were drinking water in the garden: that water-drinking was for the sake of this fire.”
  • رحمتش سابق بدست از قهر زان ** تا ز رحمت گردد اهل امتحان
  • His (God's) mercy is prior to His wrath, to the end that by (God's) mercy he (the afflicted person) may suffer affliction.
  • رحمتش بر قهر از آن سابق شدست ** تا که سرمایه‌ی وجود آید بدست
  • His (God's) mercy (eternally) preceded His wrath in order that the stock-in-trade, (which is) existence, should come to hand (be acquired);