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  • پیل چون در خواب بیند هند را ** پیلبان را نشنود آرد دغا
  • When the elephant dreams of Hindustán, he does not hearken to the driver and displays viciousness.”
  • عذر گفتن کدبانو با نخود و حکمت در جوش داشتن کدبانو نخود را
  • (Showing) how the housewife made apologies to the chickpea, and (explaining) the wise purpose in her keeping the chickpea on the boil.
  • آن ستی گوید ورا که پیش ازین ** من چو تو بودم ز اجزای زمین
  • The dame says to it, “Formerly I, like thee, was a part of the earth.
  • چون بنوشیدم جهاد آذری ** پس پذیرا گشتم و اندر خوری
  • After I had drunk a (cup of) fiery self-mortification, then I became an acceptable and worthy one.
  • مدتی جوشیده‌ام اندر زمن ** مدتی دیگر درون دیگ تن 4205
  • For a long while, I boiled in (the world of) Time; for another long while, in the pot of the body.
  • زین دو جوشش قوت حسها شدم ** روح گشتم پس ترا استا شدم
  • By reason of these two boilings I became (a source of) strength to the senses: I became (animal) spirit: then I became thy teacher.
  • در جمادی گفتمی زان می‌دوی ** تا شوی علم و صفات معنوی
  • (Whilst I was) in the inanimate state I used to say (to myself), ‘Thou art running (to and fro in agitation) to the end that thou mayst become (endued with) knowledge and spiritual qualities.’
  • چون شدم من روح پس بار دگر ** جوش دیگر کن ز حیوانی گذر
  • Since I have become (animal) spirit, now (let me) boil once more and pass beyond animality.”
  • از خدا می‌خواه تا زین نکته‌ها ** در نلغزی و رسی در منتها
  • Beseech God continually that you may not stumble over these deep sayings and that you may arrive at the (journey's) end,
  • زانک از قرآن بسی گمره شدند ** زان رسن قومی درون چه شدند 4210
  • For many have been led astray by the Qur’án: by (clinging to) that rope a multitude have fallen into the well.
  • مر رسن را نیست جرمی ای عنود ** چون ترا سودای سربالا نبود
  • There is no fault in the rope, O perverse man, inasmuch as you had no desire for (reaching) the top.
  • باقی قصه‌ی مهمان آن مسجد مهمان کش و ثبات و صدق او
  • The remainder of the story of the guest of that guest-killing mosque, and his firmness and sincerity.