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  • اولا خرگاه سازند و خرند ** ترک را زان پس به مهمان آورند
  • First they make or buy a tent; afterwards they bring the Turcoman (their beloved) as a guest.
  • صورتت خرگاه دان معنیت ترک ** معنیت ملاح دان صورت چو فلک 530
  • Deem your form to be the tent, your real essence the Turcoman, regard your essence as the sailor, your form as the ship.
  • بهر حق این را رها کن یک نفس ** تا خر خواجه بجنباند جرس
  • For God’s sake, quit this (topic) for a moment, so that the Khwaja’s ass may shake its bell (proceed on its journey).
  • رفتن خواجه و قومش به سوی ده
  • How the Khwaja and his family went to the country.
  • خواجه و بچگان جهازی ساختند ** بر ستوران جانب ده تاختند
  • The Khwaja and his children prepared an outfit and galloped on their beasts towards the country.
  • شادمانه سوی صحرا راندند ** سافروا کی تغنموا بر خواندند
  • Merrily they rode a field; they chanted, “Travel, that ye may gain advantage”;
  • کز سفرها ماه کیخسرو شود ** بی سفرها ماه کی خسرو شود
  • For by traveling the moon becomes (splendid, like) Kay Khusraw: how should it become an emperor (khusraw) without traveling?
  • از سفر بیدق شود فرزین راد ** وز سفر یابید یوسف صد مراد 535
  • Through travel the pawn becomes a noble queen, and through travel Joseph gained a hundred objects of desire.
  • روز روی از آفتابی سوختند ** شب ز اختر راه می‌آموختند
  • By day they scorched their faces in the sun, by night they were learning the away from the stars.
  • خوب گشته پیش ایشان راه زشت ** از نشاط ده شده ره چون بهشت
  • The bad road to them seemed good: from (their) delight in the country the road seemed like Paradise.
  • تلخ از شیرین‌لبان خوش می‌شود ** خار از گلزار دلکش می‌شود
  • From sweet-lipped ones (even) bitterness becomes sweet; from the rose-garden (even) thorns become charming.