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  • آنچنان رو که همه رزق و شرست ** از مسلمانان نهان اولیترست
  • ’Tis better that a face like that, which is wholly (composed of) hypocrisy and malice, should be hidden from Moslems.
  • رویها باشد که دیوان چون مگس ** بر سرش بنشسته باشند چون حرس
  • There are faces on which demons are settled like gnats, as (though they were) guardsmen.
  • چون ببینی روی او در تو فتند ** یا مبین آن رو چو دیدی خوش مخند
  • When you behold his (such a one's) face, they (the demons) fall upon you: either do not behold that face, (or) when you have beheld (it), do not laugh pleasantly.
  • در چنان روی خبیث عاصیه ** گفت یزدان نسفعن بالناصیه
  • Concerning such a wicked, sinful face God hath said, “Verily, We will drag (him) by the forelock.”
  • چون بپرسیدند و خانه‌ش یافتند ** همچو خویشان سوی در بشتافتند 605
  • When they (the townsman's party) had made enquiry and found his (the countryman's) house, they hurried like kinsfolk to the door.
  • در فرو بستند اهل خانه‌اش ** خواجه شد زین کژروی دیوانه‌وش
  • (Thereupon) the people in his house bolted the door. At this perverseness, the Khwája became mad-like,
  • لیک هنگام درشتی هم نبود ** چون در افتادی بچه تیزی چه سود
  • But indeed it was no time for asperity: when you have fallen into the pit, what is the use of being enraged?
  • بر درش ماندند ایشان پنج روز ** شب بسرما روز خود خورشیدسوز
  • Five days they remained at his door: (they passed) the night in the cold, the day itself in the blaze of the sun.
  • نه ز غفلت بود ماندن نه خری ** بلک بود از اضطرار و بی‌خری
  • Their remaining (there) was not from heedlessness or asininity; nay, it was from necessity and want of an ass.
  • با لیمان بسته نیکان ز اضطرار ** شیر مرداری خورد از جوع زار 610
  • From necessity, the good are (often) bound to the vile: from sore hunger the lion will eat a putrid carcase.