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  • ترک این تزویر گو شیخ نفور ** آب شوری جمع کرده چند کور
  • O recalcitrant Shaykh, abandon this imposture: thou art (like) briny water, having gathered some blind men (around thee),
  • کین مریدان من و من آب شور ** می‌خورند از من همی گردند کور 1050
  • (As though implicitly thou wert) saying, “These are my disciples, and I am (like) briny water: they drink of me and become blind.”
  • آب خود شیرین کن از بحر لدن ** آب بد را دام این کوران مکن
  • Sweeten thy water with the esoteric Sea: do not make the foul water a snare for these blind ones.
  • خیز شیران خدا بین گورگیر ** تو چو سگ چونی بزرقی کورگیر
  • Arise, behold the lions of God who catch the onager: how art thou, like a dog, catching the blind with a (display of) hypocrisy?
  • گور چه از صید غیر دوست دور ** جمله شیر و شیرگیر و مست نور
  • What onager (do they catch)? They are far from hunting aught but the Beloved. They all are lions and lion-catchers and intoxicated with the Light (of God).
  • در نظاره صید و صیادی شه ** کرده ترک صید و مرده در وله
  • In contemplation of the chase and hunting of the King, they have abandoned the chase and have become dead in bewilderment.
  • هم‌چو مرغ مرده‌شان بگرفته یار ** تا کند او جنس ایشان را شکار 1055
  • The Friend has taken them, like a dead bird, that (by means of them) He may hunt down their congeners.
  • مرغ مرده مضطر اندر وصل و بین ** خوانده‌ای القلب بین اصبعین
  • The dead bird is compelled (deprived of volition) in respect of being united or separated: you have read (the Hadíth), “The heart is between two fingers (of the Merciful God).”
  • مرغ مرده‌ش را هر آنک شد شکار ** چون ببیند شد شکار شهریار
  • Every one that has fallen a prey to His dead bird (will perceive), when he sees (the truth), (that) he has fallen a prey to the King.
  • هر که او زین مرغ مرده سر بتافت ** دست آن صیاد را هرگز نیافت
  • Whoever turned his head away from this dead bird never gained the hand of that Hunter.