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  • جملگان کیسه ازو بر دوختند ** دادن حاجت ازو آموختند 1180
  • All have sewn up (filled) their purses from Him and have learned from Him to give (satisfy) the wants (of others).
  • هر نبیی زو برآورده برات ** استعینوا منه صبرا او صلات
  • Every prophet has received (on behalf of his people) from Him the guarantee (implied in the words) seek help of Him with patience or prayer.
  • هین ازو خواهید نه از غیر او ** آب در یم جو مجو در خشک جو
  • Come, ask of Him, not of any one except Him: seek water in the sea, do not seek it in the dry river-bed.
  • ور بخواهی از دگر هم او دهد ** بر کف میلش سخا هم او نهد
  • And if you ask of another, ’tis He that gives; ’tis He that lays generosity on the open hand of his (that other's) inclination.
  • آنک معرض را ز زر قارون کند ** رو بدو آری به طاعت چون کند
  • He who with gold makes one that turns away (from Him in disobedience) a Qárún (Korah), how (much more) will He do (if) you turn your face towards Him in obedience!
  • بار دیگر شاعر از سودای داد ** روی سوی آن شه محسن نهاد 1185
  • The poet, from passionate desire for bounty, set his face a second time towards that beneficent king.
  • هدیه‌ی شاعر چه باشد شعر نو ** پیش محسن آرد و بنهد گرو
  • What is the poet's offering? A new poem: he brings it to the beneficent (patron) and deposits it as his stake.
  • محسنان با صد عطا و جود و بر ** زر نهاده شاعران را منتظر
  • The beneficent (on their part) have deposited gold and are waiting for the poets with a hundred gifts and liberalities and kindnesses.
  • پیششان شعری به از صدتنگ شعر ** خاصه شاعر کو گهر آرد ز قعر
  • In their eyes a poem (shi‘r) is better than a hundred bales of silk robes (sha‘r), especially (when it is composed by) a poet who fetches pearls from the depths.
  • آدمی اول حریص نان بود ** زانک قوت و نان ستون جان بود
  • At first a man is greedy for bread, because food and bread are the pillar (support) of life.