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  • زانک حال این زمین با ثبات ** باز گوید با تو انواع نبات
  • Because the various sorts of plants declare to thee the (inward) state of this firm-set earth.
  • در زمین گر نیشکر ور خود نیست ** ترجمان هر زمین نبت ویست
  • Whether in the earth there are sugar-canes or only (common) reeds, every earth (soil) is interpreted by its plants.
  • پس زمین دل که نبتش فکر بود ** فکرها اسرار دل را وا نمود
  • Therefore the heart's soil, whereof thought was (ever) the plant—(those) thoughts have revealed the heart's secrets.
  • گر سخن‌کش یابم اندر انجمن ** صد هزاران گل برویم چون چمن
  • If I find in the company him that draws the discourse (from me towards himself), I, like the garden, will grow hundreds of thousands of roses;
  • ور سخن‌کش یابم آن دم زن به مزد ** می‌گریزد نکته‌ها از دل چو دزد 1320
  • And if at that time I find (there) the scoundrel who kills the discourse, the deep sayings will flee, like a thief, from my heart.
  • جنبش هر کس به سوی جاذبست ** جذب صدق نه چو جذب کاذبست
  • The movement of every one is towards the Drawer: the true drawing is not like the false drawing.
  • می‌روی گه گمره و گه در رشد ** رشته پیدا نه و آنکت می‌کشد
  • Sometimes thou art going astray, sometimes aright: the cord is not visible, nor He who is drawing thee.
  • اشتر کوری مهار تو رهین ** تو کشش می‌بین مهارت را مبین
  • Thou art a blind camel, and thy toggle is in (His) keeping: do thou regard the act of drawing, do not regard thy toggle.
  • گر شدی محسوس جذاب و مهار ** پس نماندی این جهان دارالغرار
  • If the Drawer and the toggle became perceptible (to the senses), then this world would no longer remain the abode of heedlessness (delusion).
  • گبر دیدی کو پی سگ می‌رود ** سخره‌ی دیو ستنبه می‌شود 1325
  • (If) the infidel saw that he was going after a cur and was being made subject to the hideous Devil,