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  • مرد کاندر عاقبت‌بینی خمست ** او ز اهل عاقبت چون زن کمست
  • The man who is crooked in respect of seeing the end, he, like a woman, is inferior to those acquainted with the end.
  • از جهان دو بانگ می‌آید به ضد ** تا کدامین را تو باشی مستعد
  • From the World are coming two cries in opposition (to each other): (bethink thyself) for which (of them) thou art adapted.
  • آن یکی بانگش نشور اتقیا ** وان یکی بانگش فریب اشقیا
  • Its one cry is the (means of) quickening the devout with (spiritual) life; and its other cry is the (means of) cajoling the graceless.
  • من شکوفه‌ی خارم ای خوش گرمدار ** گل بریزد من بمانم شاخ خار
  • (The World says), “I am the thorn-blossom, O sweet cherisher (of love for me): the flower will drop and I shall remain a (mere) thorn-bough.”
  • بانگ اشکوفه‌ش که اینک گل‌فروش ** بانگ خار او که سوی ما مکوش 1625
  • The cry of its (the World's) blossom is, “Here is the flower-seller!” The cry of its thorn is, “Do not strive (to advance) towards me.”
  • این پذیرفتی بماندی زان دگر ** که محب از ضد محبوبست کر
  • (If) thou hast accepted (responded to) this (alluring cry), thou art left (unmoved) by the other, for a lover is deaf to the contrary of the object loved (by him).
  • آن یکی بانگ این که اینک حاضرم ** بانگ دیگر بنگر اندر آخرم
  • The one cry is this, “Here am I, ready”; the other cry is, “Look upon my latter end.
  • حاضری‌ام هست چون مکر و کمین ** نقش آخر ز آینه‌ی اول ببین
  • My readiness is like guile and ambush: behold the image of the end in the mirror of the beginning.”
  • چون یکی زین دو جوال اندر شدی ** آن دگر را ضد و نا درخور شدی
  • When thou hast gone into one of these two sacks, thou hast become contrary and unsuitable to the other.
  • ای خنک آنکو ز اول آن شنید ** کش عقول و مسمع مردان شنید 1630
  • Oh, happy is he who, from the first, heard that which the intelligences and the (spiritual) ears of (holy) men have heard.