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  • نفسها را لایقست این انجمن ** مرده را درخور بود گور و کفن 1655
  • This assembly (the world) is well-adapted for fleshly souls: the grave and shroud are suitable to the dead.
  • نفس اگر چه زیرکست و خرده‌دان ** قبله‌اش دنیاست او را مرده دان
  • Although the fleshly soul is sagacious and acute, its qibla (objective) is this world, (therefore) regard it as dead.
  • آب وحی حق بدین مرده رسید ** شد ز خاک مرده‌ای زنده پدید
  • (But when) the water of God's inspiration has reached this dead (soul), the living (soul) comes into view (rises) from the tomb of a corpse.
  • تا نیاید وحش تو غره مباش ** تو بدان گلگونه‌ی طال بقاش
  • Until inspiration comes, do not thou (meanwhile) be duped by that rouge (vanity) of “May his life be long!”
  • بانگ و صیتی جو که آن خامل نشد ** تاب خورشیدی که آن آفل نشد
  • Seek the applause and renown that does not die away, the splendour of the sun that does not sink.
  • آن هنرهای دقیق و قال و قیل ** قوم فرعون‌اند اجل چون آب نیل 1660
  • Those abstruse sciences and disputations are (like) the people of Pharaoh: Death is like the water of the Nile.
  • رونق و طاق و طرنب و سحرشان ** گرچه خلقان را کشد گردن کشان
  • Although their brilliance and pomp and show and enchantment drag the people along by the scruff of the neck,
  • سحرهای ساحران دان جمله را ** مرگ چوبی دان که آن گشت اژدها
  • Know that all (that) is (like) the enchantments of the magicians; know that Death is (like) the rod (of Moses) which became a dragon.
  • جادویها را همه یک لقمه کرد ** یک جهان پر شب بد آن را صبح خورد
  • It made one mouthful of all (their) sorceries. There was a world filled with night: the dawn devoured it.
  • نور از آن خوردن نشد افزون و بیش ** بل همان سانست کو بودست پیش
  • The light is not made greater and more by that (act of) devouring; nay, it is just the same as it has (always) been before.