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  • سحر رفت و معجزه‌ی موسی گذشت ** هر دو را از بام بود افتاد طشت 1675
  • Magic is gone and the miracle of Moses is past: as regards both, the bowl has fallen from the roof of (their) being.
  • بانگ طشت سحر جز لعنت چه ماند ** بانگ طشت دین به جز رفعت چه ماند
  • What has the noise of the bowl of magic left behind but execration? What has the noise of the bowl of religion left behind but sublimity?
  • چون محک پنهان شدست از مرد و زن ** در صف آ ای قلب و اکنون لاف زن
  • Since the touchstone has become hidden from man and woman, O adulterated coin, come now into line (with the genuine coin) and brag!
  • وقت لافستت محک چون غایبست ** می‌برندت از عزیزی دست دست
  • ’Tis the time for thee to brag. Since the touchstone is absent, they will pass thee in honour from hand to hand.
  • قلب می‌گوید ز نخوت هر دمم ** ای زر خالص من از تو کی کمم
  • The adulterated coin is ever saying to me arrogantly, “O pure gold, how am I inferior to thee?”
  • زر همی‌گوید بلی ای خواجه‌تاش ** لیک می‌آید محک آماده باش 1680
  • The gold says, “Yes, O fellow-servant; but the touchstone is coming: be prepared.”
  • مرگ تن هدیه‌ست بر اصحاب راز ** زر خالص را چه نقصانست گاز
  • The death of the body is a (welcome) gift to the adepts of the mystery: what damage is (done by) the scissors to pure gold?
  • قلب اگر در خویش آخربین بدی ** آن سیه که آخر شد او اول شدی
  • If the adulterated coin had seen the end in regard to itself, it would have become at first the black (thing) which it became in the end.
  • چون شدی اول سیه اندر لقا ** دور بودی از نفاق و از شقا
  • Since (in that case) it would have become black at first, in confrontation (with the genuine coin) it would have been far from duplicity and damnation.
  • کیمیای فضل را طالب بدی ** عقل او بر زرق او غالب بدی
  • It would have sought the elixir of (Divine) grace; its reason would have prevailed over its hypocrisy.