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  • رونق دنیا برآرد زو کساد ** زانک هست از عالم کون و فساد
  • The splendour of the present life soon produces unsaleableness (becomes of no account), inasmuch as it belongs to the world of generation and corruption.
  • خوش نگردد از مدیحی سینه‌ها ** چونک در مداح باشد کینه‌ها 1735
  • Breasts are not gladdened by an encomium when there are feelings of enmity in the encomiast.
  • ای دل از کین و کراهت پاک شو ** وانگهان الحمد خوان چالاک شو
  • O heart, become purged of enmity and repugnance, and then chant “Glory to God” and be busy (in serving Him).
  • بر زبان الحمد و اکراه درون ** از زبان تلبیس باشد یا فسون
  • (To have) “Glory to God” on your tongue and repugnance within is hypocrisy or guile on the tongue’s part;
  • وانگهان گفته خدا که ننگرم ** من به ظاهر من به باطن ناظرم
  • And moreover God hath said, “I do not look to the exterior, I am regarding the interior.”
  • حکایت آن مداح کی از جهت ناموس شکر ممدوح می‌کرد و بوی اندوه و غم اندرون او و خلاقت دلق ظاهر او می‌نمود کی آن شکرها لافست و دروغ
  • Story of the encomiast who from regard for reputation was thanking the object of his praise, while the scent (signs) of his inward grief and pain and the shabbiness of his outward garb showed that those expressions of gratitude were vain and false.
  • آن یکی با دلق آمد از عراق ** باز پرسیدند یاران از فراق
  • A certain man came (home) from ‘Iráq, (clad) in a tattered cloak: his friends inquired concerning (his) separation (from them).
  • گفت آری بد فراق الا سفر ** بود بر من بس مبارک مژده‌ور 1740
  • “Yes,” he replied; “there was (the sorrow of) separation, but the journey was very blessed and fortunate for me,
  • که خلیفه داد ده خلعت مرا ** که قرینش باد صد مدح و ثنا
  • For the Caliph gave me ten robes of honour—may a hundred praises and laudations (ever) accompany him!”
  • شکرها و حمدها بر می‌شمرد ** تا که شکر از حد و اندازه ببرد
  • He was reciting expressions of gratitude and praise till he carried gratitude beyond bound and limit.
  • پس بگفتندش که احوال نژند ** بر دروغ تو گواهی می‌دهند
  • Then they said to him, “Thy wretched guise bears witness to thy mendacity.