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  • تا ز قاروره همی‌بینند حال ** که ندانی تو از آن رو اعتلال 1795
  • So that they perceive the state (of your health) from the urine-bottle, though you cannot know your ailment by that means,
  • هم ز نبض و هم ز رنگ و هم ز دم ** بو برند از تو بهر گونه سقم
  • And from your pulse, complexion, and breath alike they diagnose every kind of disease in you.
  • پس طبیبان الهی در جهان ** چون ندانند از تو بی‌گفت دهان
  • How, then, should the divine physicians in the world not diagnose (disease) in you without word of mouth?
  • هم ز نبضت هم ز چشمت هم ز رنگ ** صد سقم بینند در تو بی‌درنگ
  • From your pulse and your eyes and your complexion alike they immediately discern a hundred (spiritual) maladies in you.
  • این طبیبان نوآموزند خود ** که بدین آیاتشان حاجت بود
  • In sooth, ’tis (only) these newly-taught physicians that have need of these (external) signs.
  • کاملان از دور نامت بشنوند ** تا به قعر باد و بودت در دوند 1800
  • The perfect (the divine physicians) will hear your name from afar and quickly penetrate into the deepest ground of your being and existence;
  • بلک پیش از زادن تو سالها ** دیده باشندت ترا با حالها
  • Nay, they will have seen you (many) years before your birth —you together with all the circumstances (connected with you).
  • مژده دادن ابویزید از زادن ابوالحسن خرقانی قدس الله روحهما پیش از سالها و نشان صورت او سیرت او یک به یک و نوشتن تاریخ‌نویسان آن در جهت رصد
  • How Abú Yazíd (Bistámí) announced the birth of Abu ’l-Hasan Kharraqání—may God sanctify the spirit of them both—(many) years before it took place, and gave a detailed description of his outer and inner characteristics; and how the chronologers wrote it down for the purpose of observation.
  • آن شنیدی داستان بایزید ** که ز حال بوالحسن پیشین چه دید
  • Have you heard the story of Báyazíd—what he saw beforehand of the (spiritual) state of Bu ’l-Hasan?
  • روزی آن سلطان تقوی می‌گذشت ** با مریدان جانب صحرا و دشت
  • One day that sultan of piety was passing with his disciples (on the way) towards the open country and the plain.
  • بوی خوش آمد مر او را ناگهان ** در سواد ری ز سوی خارقان
  • Suddenly there came to him, in the district of Rayy, a sweet scent from the direction of Kháraqán.