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  • رقعه‌ی دیگر نویسم ز آزمون ** دیگری جویم رسول ذو فنون
  • I will write another letter by way of test and seek another accomplished messenger.”
  • بر امیر و مطبخی و نامه‌بر ** عیب بنهاده ز جهل آن بی‌خبر 1895
  • That heedless man ignorantly puts the blame on the Amir and the steward and the letter-carrier.
  • هیچ گرد خود نمی‌گردد که من ** کژروی کردم چو اندر دین شمن
  • Never does he go round about (inspect) himself and say, “I have acted perversely, like the idolater in (turning away from’ the true) religion.”
  • کژ وزیدن باد بر سلیمان علیه‌السلام به سبب زلت او
  • How the wind blew perversely against Solomon, on whom be peace, because of his lapse.
  • باد بر تخت سلیمان رفت کژ ** پس سلیمان گفت بادا کژ مغژ
  • The wind moved perversely against Solomon's throne. Then Solomon said, “O wind, do not creep (along) perversely.”
  • باد هم گفت ای سیلمان کژ مرو ** ور روی کژ از کژم خشمین مشو
  • The wind too said, “Do not move perversely (act wrongfully), O Solomon; and if thou move perversely, be not angry at my perverseness.
  • این ترازو بهر این بنهاد حق ** تا رود انصاف ما را در سبق
  • God set up these scales for the purpose that justice might be done to us in eternity.
  • از ترازو کم کنی من کم کنم ** تا تو با من روشنی من روشنم 1900
  • (If) thou give short measure, I will give short measure; so long as thou art honest with me, I am honest (with thee).”
  • هم‌چنین تاج سلیمان میل کرد ** روز روشن را برو چون لیل کرد
  • Likewise, Solomon's tiara swerved to one side and made the bright day (dark) as night to him.
  • گفت تا جا کژ مشو بر فرق من ** آفتابا کم مشو از شرق من
  • He said, “O tiara, do not become awry on my head: O sun, do not decline from my orient.”
  • راست می‌کرد او به دست آن تاج را ** باز کژ می‌شد برو تاج ای فتی
  • He was putting the tiara straight with his hand, (but) the tiara always became awry for him again, O youth.