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  • حال او زان روز شد خوب و بدید ** آن عجایب را که اول می‌شنید
  • From that day his (spiritual) state became excellent, and he saw (experienced) those wondrous things which at first he was (only) hearing (knowing by hearsay).
  • رقعه‌ی دیگر نوشتن آن غلام پیش شاه چون جواب آن رقعه‌ی اول نیافت
  • How the slave wrote another letter to the king when he received no reply to the first letter.
  • نامه‌ی دیگر نوشت آن بدگمان ** پر ز تشنیع و نفیر و پر فغان 1935
  • That evil-thinking one wrote another letter, full of vituperation and clamour and loud complaint.
  • که یکی رقعه نبشتم پیش شه ** ای عجب آنجا رسید و یافت ره
  • He said, “I wrote a letter to the king; oh, I wonder if it arrived there and found its way (to him).”
  • آن دگر را خواند هم آن خوب‌خد ** هم نداد او را جواب و تن بزد
  • The fair-cheeked (king) read that second one also, and as before he gave him no reply and kept silence.
  • خشک می‌آورد او را شهریار ** او مکرر کرد رقعه پنج بار
  • The king was withholding all favour from him: he (the slave) repeated the letter five times.
  • گفت حاجب آخر او بنده‌ی شماست ** گر جوابش بر نویسی هم رواست
  • “After all,” said the chamberlain, “he is your (Majesty’s) slave: if you write a reply to him, tis fitting.
  • از شهی تو چه کم گردد اگر ** برغلام و بنده اندازی نظر 1940
  • What diminution of your sovereignty will occur if you cast looks (of favour) on your slave and servant?”
  • گفت این سهلست اما احمقست ** مرد احمق زشت و مردود حقست
  • He (the king) said, “This is easy; but he is fool: a foolish man is foul and rejected of God.
  • گرچه آمرزم گناه و زلتش ** هم کند بر من سرایت علتش
  • Though I pardon his sin and fault, his disease will infect me also.
  • صد کس از گرگین همه گرگین شوند ** خاصه این گر خبیث ناپسند
  • From (contact with) an itchy person a whole hundred become itchy, especially (in the case of) this loathsome reprobate itch.