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  • نیم‌دانش دست او را بسته کرد ** جان ببرد الا که خود را خسته کرد
  • Half-knowledge tied his hand, (so that) he saved his life and only wounded himself.
  • روز گشت و آن مریدان کاسته ** نوحه‌ها از خانه‌شان برخاسته
  • Day broke, and the disciples were thinned: wails of lamentation arose from their house.
  • پیش او آمد هزاران مرد و زن ** کای دو عالم درج در یک پیرهن 2135
  • Thousands of men and women came to him (Báyazíd), saying, “O thou in whose single shirt the two worlds are contained,
  • این تن تو گر تن مردم بدی ** چون تن مردم ز خنجر گم شدی
  • If this body of thine were a human body, it would have been destroyed, like a human body, by the daggers.”
  • با خودی با بی‌خودی دوچار زد ** با خود اندر دیده‌ی خود خار زد
  • A self-existent one encountered a selfless one in combat: the self-existent one drove a thorn into his own eye (hurt himself).
  • ای زده بر بی‌خودان تو ذوالفقار ** بر تن خود می‌زنی آن هوش دار
  • O you who stab the selfless ones with the sword, you are stabbing your own body with it. Beware!
  • زانک بی‌خود فانی است و آمنست ** تا ابد در آمنی او ساکنست
  • For the selfless one has passed away (in God) and is safe: he is dwelling in safety for ever.
  • نقش او فانی و او شد آینه ** غیر نقش روی غیر آن جای نه 2140
  • His form has passed away and he has become a mirror: naught is there but the form (image) of the face of another.
  • گر کنی تف سوی روی خود کنی ** ور زنی بر آینه بر خود زنی
  • If you spit (at it), you spit at your own face; and if you strike at the mirror, you strike at yourself;
  • ور ببینی روی زشت آن هم توی ** ور ببینی عیسی و مریم توی
  • And if you see an ugly face (in that mirror), ’tis you; and if you see Jesus and Mary, ’tis you.