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  • افتخار از رنگ و بو و از مکان ** هست شادی و فریب کودکان
  • Boasting of colour and perfume and dwelling-place is a joy and deception (only) to children.
  • بیان این خبر کی کلموا الناس علی قدر عقولهم لا علی قدر عقولکم حتی لا یکذبوا الله و رسوله
  • [Explanation of the Tradition, "Speak ye unto men according to the measure of their understandings, not according to the measure of your understandings, so that God and His messenger may not be given the lie."]
  • چونک با کودک سر و کارم فتاد ** هم زبان کودکان باید گشاد
  • Since my business happens to be with a child, I must accordingly speak the language suited to children,
  • که برو کتاب تا مرغت خرم ** یا مویز و جوز و فستق آورم
  • Saying, ‘Go to school, that I may buy a bird for thee or bring (home) raisins and walnuts and pistachio nuts.’
  • جز شباب تن نمی‌دانی به کیر ** این جوانی را بگیر ای خر شعیر
  • Thou knowest only the youth of the body: take this youthfulness: take the barley, O ass!
  • هیچ آژنگی نیفتد بر رخت ** تازه ماند آن شباب فرخت 2580
  • No wrinkle will fall upon thy face: thy fortunate youthfulness will remain fresh.
  • نه نژند پیریت آید برو ** نه قد چون سرو تو گردد دوتو
  • Neither will the witheredness of old age come over thy countenance, nor will thy cypress-like figure. be (bent) double;
  • نه شود زور جوانی از تو کم ** نه به دندانها خللها یا الم
  • Nor will the strength of youth vanish from thee, nor in thy teeth will there be decay or pain;
  • نه کمی در شهوت و طمث و بعال ** که زنان را آید از ضعفت ملال
  • Nec libido et fututio et coitus maritalis adeo defiecient ut feminis taedium sit propter languorem tuum. [Nor will there be a deficiency in sexual desire, intercourse, and marital union so that there will be weariness for women because of your weakness.]
  • آنچنان بگشایدت فر شباب ** که گشود آن مژده‌ی عکاشه باب
  • The glory of youth will be opened to thee in such wise as the good tidings brought by ‘Ukkásha opened (to him) the door (of Paradise).
  • قوله علیه السلام من بشرنی بخروج صفر بشرته بالجنة
  • [The saying of the Prophet, on whom be peace, "Whosoever shall bring me the glad news of the expiration of (the month) Safar, I will give him the glad news of (his being destined to enter) Paradise."]
  • احمد آخر زمان را انتقال ** در ربیع اول آید بی جدال 2585
  • The decease of Ahmad (Mohammed), (the prophet) of the last (epoch of) time, will indisputably occur in (the month of) the First Rabí‘.