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  • کرد مجنون را ز عشق پوستی ** کو بنشناسد عدو از دوستی
  • He made Majnún, through love for a (dog's) skin, to be such that he would not know an enemy from a friend.
  • صد هزاران این چنین می‌دارد او ** که بر ادراکات تو بگمارد او
  • He hath a hundred thousand wines of this sort which He sets (in authority) over thy (intellectual) perceptions.
  • هست میهای شقاوت نفس را ** که ز ره بیرون برد آن نحس را
  • For the carnal soul there are the wines of damnation, which carry that ill-starred one out of the (right) way.
  • هست میهای سعادت عقل را ** که بیابد منزل بی‌نقل را
  • For the intellect there are the wines of felicity, so that it gains the abode whence is no departure.
  • خیمه‌ی گردون ز سرمستی خویش ** بر کند زان سو بگیرد راه پیش 2690
  • Through its intoxication it uproots the tent of the sky and takes the way (leading) onward from that (earthly) direction.
  • هین بهر مستی دلا غره مشو ** هست عیسی مست حق خر مست جو
  • Hark, be not deceived, O heart, by every intoxication: Jesus is intoxicated with God, the ass is intoxicated with barley.
  • این چنین می را بجو زین خنبها ** مستی‌اش نبود ز کوته دنبها
  • Seek wine like this from these jars: the intoxication (produced) by it is not (to be obtained) from the bobtailed;
  • زانک هر معشوق چون خنبیست پر ** آن یکی درد و دگر صافی چو در
  • For every object of love is like a full jar, one (full of) dregs, and another pure as pearls.
  • می‌شناسا هین بچش با احتیاط ** تا میی یابی منزه ز اختلاط
  • O connoisseur of wine, beware, taste with precaution, that thou mayst find a wine free from adulteration.
  • هر دو مستی می‌دهندت لیک این ** مستی‌ات آرد کشان تا رب دین 2695
  • Both (jars) will intoxicate thee, but this (blessed) intoxication, drawing (thee along), will lead thee to the Lord of the Judgement,