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  • در میان این دو مرگ او زنده است ** این مطوق شکل جای خنده است
  • He (Man) is living between these two deaths: this (being) that resembles one shackled with a collar is an occasion for laughter.
  • شاه با خود گفت شادی را سبب ** آنچنان غم بود از تسبیب رب
  • The king said to himself, “In consequence of the Lord's causation such a sorrow as that was the cause of joy.”
  • ای عجب یک چیز از یک روی مرگ ** وان ز یک روی دگر احیا و برگ 3095
  • Oh, wonderful (that) the same thing from one aspect (is) death and from another aspect a quickening with life and a provision!
  • آن یکی نسبت بدان حالت هلاک ** باز هم آن سوی دیگر امتساک
  • The same thing is destructive in relation to one circumstance, while again it is preservative in regard to another.
  • شادی تن سوی دنیاوی کمال ** سوی روز عاقبت نقص و زوال
  • Bodily joy is perfection in regard to that which is of the present world, (but it is) defect and failure in regard to the Day of the latter end.
  • خنده را در خواب هم تعبیر خوان ** گریه گوید با دریغ و اندهان
  • The oneiromancer, too, declares laughter in dreams to be (a presage of) weeping with regrets and griefs,
  • گریه را در خواب شادی و فرح ** هست در تعبیر ای صاحب مرح
  • (While) for weeping in dreams joy and gladness are (presaged) in the interpretation, O gleeful man.
  • شاه اندیشید کین غم خود گذشت ** لیک جان از جنس این بدظن گشت 3100
  • The king pondered, saying, “This sorrow, indeed, is past, but my soul has become suspicious (has misgivings and fears) of (being afflicted by) one of the same kind;
  • ور رسد خاری چنین اندر قدم ** که رود گل یادگاری بایدم
  • And if such a thorn enter my foot (if such a calamity befall me) that the rose departs (that my son dies), I must needs have a keepsake.”
  • چون فنا را شد سبب بی‌منتهی ** پس کدامین راه را بندیم ما
  • Since the causes of mortality are infinite, which road, then, shall we bar?