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  • متحد نقشی ندارد این سرا ** تا که مثلی وا نمایم من ترا
  • This abode (the world) does not contain any form (that is) one (with any other form), so that I might show forth to thee a (complete) similitude.
  • هم مثال ناقصی دست آورم ** تا ز حیرانی خرد را وا خرم
  • Still, I will bring to hand an imperfect comparison, that I may redeem thy mind from confusion.
  • شب بهر خانه چراغی می‌نهند ** تا به نور آن ز ظلمت می‌رهند 425
  • At night a lamp is placed in every house, in order that by its light they (the inmates) may be delivered from darkness.
  • آن چراغ این تن بود نورش چو جان ** هست محتاج فتیل و این و آن
  • That lamp is (like) this body, its light like the (animal) soul; it requires a wick and this and that.
  • آن چراغ شش فتیله‌ی این حواس ** جملگی بر خواب و خور دارد اساس
  • That lamp with six wicks, namely, these senses, is based entirely upon sleep and food.
  • بی‌خور و بی‌خواب نزید نیم دم ** با خور و با خواب نزید نیز هم
  • Without food and sleep it would not live half a moment; nor even with food and sleep does it live either.
  • بی‌فتیل و روغنش نبود بقا ** با فتیل و روغن او هم بی‌وفا
  • Without wick and oil it has no duration, and with wick and oil it is also faithless (transient),
  • زانک نور علتی‌اش مرگ‌جوست ** چون زید که روز روشن مرگ اوست 430
  • Inasmuch as its light, (being) related to (secondary) causes, is seeking death: how should it live when bright day is the death of it?
  • جمله حسهای بشر هم بی‌بقاست ** زانک پیش نور روز حشر لاست
  • Likewise all the human senses are impermanent, because they are naught in the presence of the Day of Resurrection.
  • نور حس و جان بابایان ما ** نیست کلی فانی و لا چون گیا
  • The light of the senses and spirits of our fathers is not wholly perishable and naught, like the grass;