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  • گر نداری سنگ و سنگت از گلست ** این به و به گل مرا میوه‌ی دلست
  • “If you have no (proper) weight and your weight is of clay, this is better and better: clay is the fruit (desired) of my heart.”
  • اندر آن کفه‌ی ترازو ز اعتداد ** او به جای سنگ آن گل را نهاد
  • He (the druggist) placed the clay, because of its being ready (to his hand), in one scale of the balance instead of the (proper) weight;
  • پس برای کفه‌ی دیگر به دست ** هم به قدر آن شکر را می‌شکست 635
  • Then, for the other scale, he was breaking with his hand the equivalent amount of sugar.
  • چون نبودش تیشه‌ای او دیر ماند ** مشتری را منتظر آنجا نشاند
  • Since he had no pick-axe, he took a long time and made the customer sit waiting.
  • رویش آن سو بود گل‌خور ناشکفت ** گل ازو پوشیده دزدیدن گرفت
  • (Whilst) his face was (turned) towards that (sugar), the clay-eater, unable to restrain himself, began covertly to steal the clay from him,
  • ترس ترسان که نباید ناگهان ** چشم او بر من فتد از امتحان
  • Terribly frightened lest his (the druggist's) eye should fall upon him of a sudden for the purpose of testing (his honesty).
  • دید عطار آن و خود مشغول کرد ** که فزون‌تر دزد هین ای روی‌زرد
  • The druggist saw it, but made himself busy, saying, “Come, steal more, O pale-faced one!
  • گر بدزدی وز گل من می‌بری ** رو که هم از پهلوی خود می‌خوری 640
  • If you will be a thief and take some of my clay, go on (doing so), for you are eating out of your own side.
  • تو همی ترسی ز من لیک از خری ** من همی‌ترسم که تو کمتر خوری
  • You are afraid of me, but (only) because you are a (stupid) ass: I am afraid you will eat less (too little).
  • گرچه مشغولم چنان احمق نیم ** که شکر افزون کشی تو از نیم
  • Though I am occupied, I am not such a fool (as to suffer) that you should get too much of my sugar-cane.