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  • عارفانش کیمیاگر گشته‌اند ** تا که شد کانها بر ایشان نژند
  • His (God’s) knowers have become alchemists, so that mines (of gold) have become worthless in their eyes.
  • دیدن درویش جماعت مشایخ را در خواب و درخواست کردن روزی حلال بی‌مشغول شدن به کسب و از عبادت ماندن و ارشاد ایشان او را و میوه‌های تلخ و ترش کوهی بر وی شیرین شدن به داد آن مشایخ
  • How a dervish saw in dream a company of Shaykhs and begged for a daily portion of lawful food (which he should receive) without being occupied with earning (it) and being (thereby) incapacitated from devotional service; and how they directed him, and how the sour and bitter mountain-fruit became sweet to him through the bounty of those Shaykhs.
  • آن یکی درویش گفت اندر سمر ** خضریان را من بدیدم خواب در
  • A certain dervish said in the night-talk, “I saw in dream those (saints who are) connected with Khizr.
  • گفتم ایشان را که روزی حلال ** از کجا نوشم که نبود آن وبال
  • I said to them, ‘Whence shall I (get to) eat a daily portion of lawful food that is not pernicious?’
  • مر مرا سوی کهستان راندند ** میوه‌ها زان بیشه می‌افشاندند 680
  • They took me along towards the mountainous country: they were shaking down the fruit from (the trees in) the forest,
  • که خدا شیرین بکرد آن میوه را ** در دهان تو به همتهای ما
  • Saying, ‘God hath made the fruit (to taste) sweet in thy mouth because of our benedictions.
  • هین بخور پاک و حلال و بی‌حساب ** بی صداع و نقل و بالا و نشیب
  • Come, eat (food that is) clean and lawful, and free of reckoning, without trouble and change of place and (going) up and down.’
  • پس مرا زان رزق نطقی رو نمود ** ذوق گفت من خردها می‌ربود
  • Then from that daily provision there appeared in me a (gift of) speech: (the spiritual) savour of my words was transporting (the people's) minds.
  • گفتم این فتنه‌ست ای رب جهان ** بخششی ده از همه خلقان نهان
  • I said, ‘This is a temptation: O Lord of the world, bestow (on me) a gift hidden from all (Thy) creatures!’
  • شد سخن از من دل خوش یافتم ** چون انار از ذوق می‌بشکافتم 685
  • Speech departed from (forsook) me; I gained a joyous heart: I was bursting with rapture, like the pomegranate;
  • گفتم ار چیزی نباشد در بهشت ** غیر این شادی که دارم در سرشت
  • I said, ‘If there be naught in Paradise (for me) but this delight which I have within my nature,