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  • مر ترا بادا سعادت بعد ازین ** این گذشت الله اعلم بالیقین
  • May (such) felicity be thine after this (epoch of Solomon)! This (epoch) is past. God best knoweth the certain truth.
  • بقیه‌ی قصه‌ی اهل سبا و نصیحت و ارشاد سلیمان علیه‌السلام آل بلقیس را هر یکی را اندر خور خود و مشکلات دین و دل او و صید کردن هر جنس مرغ ضمیری به صفیر آن جنس مرغ و طعمه‌ی او
  • The rest of the story of the people of Sabá, and of the admonition and guidance given by Solomon, on whom be peace, to the kinsfolk of Bilqís—to every one (the particular guidance) suitable to his religious and spiritual difficulties; and how he caught (decoyed) each sort of conceptional bird with the whistle and bait proper for that sort of bird.
  • قصه گویم از سبا مشتاق‌وار ** چون صبا آمد به سوی لاله‌زار 845
  • I will tell the story of Sabá in lover’s style. When the Zephyr came towards the tulip-field,
  • لاقت الاشباح یوم وصلها ** عادت الاولاد صوب اصلها
  • The bodies met (experienced) the day of their union (with the spirits which dwell in them)’: the children turned again in the direction of their home.
  • امة العشق الخفی فی الامم ** مثل جود حوله لوم السقم
  • Amongst the communities the community of secret Love is like a liberality surrounded by the meanness of (spiritual) distemper.
  • ذلة الارواح من اشباحها ** عزة الاشباح من ارواحها
  • The baseness of spirits is (derived) from their bodies; the nobility of bodies is (derived) from their spirits.
  • ایها العشاق السقیا لکم ** انتم الباقون و البقیالکم
  • O lovers, the draught (of Love) is given to you. Ye are the everlasting: everlastingness is bestowed on you.
  • ایها السالون قوموا واعشقوا ** ذاک ریح یوسف فاستنشقوا 850
  • O ye that are forgetful, arise and love! That is the wind of Joseph: smell (its perfume)!
  • منطق‌الطیر سلیمانی بیا ** بانگ هر مرغی که آید می‌سرا
  • Come, O (master of the) bird-speech of Solomon, sing the song of every bird that comes.
  • چون به مرغانت فرستادست حق ** لحن هر مرغی بدادستت سبق
  • Since God hath sent thee to the birds, He hath instructed thee in the note of every bird.
  • مرغ جبری را زبان جبر گو ** مرغ پر اشکسته را از صبر گو
  • To the necessitarian bird speak the language of necessitarianism ; to the bird whose wings are broken speak of patience (quietism).