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  • خاک را تصویر این کار از کجا ** نطفه را خصمی و انکار از کجا
  • Whence should clay have the (power of) imagining this thing? Whence should semen conceive opposition and denial?
  • چون در آن دم بی‌دل و بی‌سر بدی ** فکرت و انکار را منکر بدی 895
  • (Nevertheless) since at that moment thou wert devoid of heart and spirit, thou wert (implicitly) denying (the faculty of) reflection and (the possibility of) denial.
  • از جمادی چونک انکارت برست ** هم ازین انکار حشرت شد درست
  • Since thy (former) denial arose from the state of lifelessness (irrationality), so by this (present) denial (the certainty of) thy resurrection is established.
  • پس مثال تو چو آن حلقه‌زنیست ** کز درونش خواجه گوید خواجه نیست
  • Hence the (appropriate) parable of thee is (a case) like (that of) the person who knocks at the door (of a house), and the master replies to him from within, saying, “The master is not (here).”
  • حلقه‌زن زین نیست دریابد که هست ** پس ز حلقه بر ندارد هیچ دست
  • From this “is not” the person knocking perceives that he is (there), and consequently does not take his hand off the door- ring at all.
  • پس هم انکارت مبین می‌کند ** کز جماد او حشر صد فن می‌کند
  • Therefore the very fact of thy denial is making it clear that He (God) brings about manifold resurrections from lifeless matter.
  • چند صنعت رفت ای انکار تا ** آب و گل انکار زاد از هل اتی 900
  • How much (Divine) artifice passed (was expended), O thou denial (incarnate), till the water and clay (of thy original nature) produced denial from (the state signified by the words) Hal atá!
  • آب وگل می‌گفت خود انکار نیست ** بانگ می‌زد بی‌خبر که اخبار نیست
  • The water and clay was really saying, “There is no denial” (was really making an affirmation): it was crying, ‘There is no affirmation” (was uttering a denial), unaware (of the fact that its denial was an implicit affirmation).
  • من بگویم شرح این از صد طریق ** لیک خاطر لغزد از گفت دقیق
  • I would expound this (topic) in a hundred ways, but the (reader’s) mind would stumble at the subtle discourse.
  • چاره کردن سلیمان علیه‌السلام در احضار تخت بلقیس از سبا
  • How Solomon, on whom be peace, devised a plan for bringing the throne of Bilqís from Sabá.
  • گفت عفریتی که تختش را به فن ** حاضر آرم تا تو زین مجلس شدن
  • A certain ‘Ifrít (demon) said, “By (my) art I will bring her throne here before thy departure from this council.”