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  • جز ز اهل شکر و اصحاب وفا  ** که مریشان راست دولت در قفا  1000
  • Excepting the thankful and faithful who are attended by fortune.
  • دولت رفته کجا قوت دهد  ** دولت آینده خاصیت دهد 
  • How should the past fortune bestow strength (on its possessors)? ’Tis the future fortune that bestows a special virtue.
  • قرض ده زین دولت اندر اقرضوا  ** تا که صد دولت ببینی پیش رو 
  • In (obedience to the Divine command) “Lend,” make a loan (to God) from this (worldly) fortune, that thou mayst see a hundred fortunes before thy face.
  • اندکی زین شرب کم کن بهر خویش  ** تا که حوض کوثری یابی به پیش 
  • Diminish a little for thine own sake this (eating and) drinking, that thou mayst find in front (of thee) the basin of Kawthar.
  • جرعه بر خاک وفا آنکس که ریخت  ** کی تواند صید دولت زو گریخت 
  • He who poured a draught on the earth of faithfulness, how should the prey, fortune, be able to flee from him?
  • خوش کند دلشان که اصلح بالهم  ** رد من بعد التوی انزالهم  1005
  • He (God) gladdens their hearts, for He maketh their state to prosper: He restoreth their (worldly) entertainment after they have perished.
  • ای اجل وی ترک غارت‌ساز ده  ** هر چه بردی زین شکوران باز ده 
  • (He says), “O Death, O Turcoman who plunderest the village, give back whatsoever thou hast taken from these thankful ones.”
  • وا دهد ایشان بنپذیرند آن  ** زانک منعم گشته‌اند از رخت جان 
  • He (Death) gives it back; (but) they will not receive it, for they have been endowed with the goods of spiritual life.
  • صوفییم و خرقه‌ها انداختیم  ** باز نستانیم چون در باختیم 
  • (They say), “We are Súfís and have cast off our (bodily) mantles: we will not take (them) back after we have gambled (them) away.
  • ما عوض دیدیم آنگه چون عوض  ** رفت از ما حاجت و حرص و غرض 
  • We have seen the recompense (from God)—(and) how (can there be) a (worldly) recompense then (after that)? Want and desire and object are gone from us.