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  • مرغ چون بر آب شوری می‌تند  ** آب شیرین را ندیدست او مدد 
  • Since the bird is frequenting a briny (piece of) water, it has not seen (found) help (for its thirst) in the sweet water;
  • بلک تقلیدست آن ایمان او  ** روی ایمان را ندیده جان او 
  • Nay, its faith is (mere) imitation: its spirit has never seen the face of faith.
  • پس خطر باشد مقلد را عظیم  ** از ره و ره‌زن ز شیطان رجیم  2450
  • Hence, because of the accursed Devil, the imitator is in great danger from the road and the brigand;
  • چون ببیند نور حق آمن شود  ** ز اضطرابات شک او ساکن شود 
  • (But) when he beholds the Light of God, he becomes safe: he is at rest from the agitations of doubt.
  • تا کف دریا نیاید سوی خاک  ** که اصل او آمد بود در اصطکاک 
  • The sea-foam (scum) is (always) in collision till it comes to the earth (land) which is its origin.
  • خاکی است آن کف غریبست اندر آب  ** در غریبی چاره نبود ز اضطراب 
  • The foam (scum) is earthly: it is an exile in the water: in exile agitation is inevitable.
  • چونک چشمش باز شد و آن نقش خواند  ** دیو را بر وی دگر دستی نماند 
  • When his (the imitator's) eye is opened and he reads those characters (of Reality), the Devil hath no power over him any more.
  • گرچه با روباه خر اسرار گفت  ** سرسری گفت و مقلدوار گفت  2455
  • Although the ass spoke of (spiritual) mysteries to the fox, he spoke superficially and like an imitator.
  • آب را بستود و او تایق نبود  ** رخ درید و جامه او عاشق نبود 
  • He praised the water, but he had no longing (for it); he tore his face and raiment, but he was no lover.
  • از منافق عذر رد آمد نه خوب  ** زانک در لب بود آن نه در قلوب 
  • The excuse made by the hypocrite was bad, not good, because it was (only) on their lips, not in their hearts.