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  • حاش لله ایش شاء الله کان  ** حاکم آمد در مکان و لامکان 
  • God forfend! Whatsoever God wills shall come to pass. He is the Ruler over the worlds of space and non-spatiality.
  • هیچ کس در ملک او بی‌امر او  ** در نیفزاید سر یک تای مو 
  • Without His command no one in His kingdom shall add (so much as) the tip of a single hair.
  • ملک ملک اوست فرمان آن او  ** کمترین سگ بر در آن شیطان او 
  • The kingdom is His kingdom, the command is His: that Devil of His is the meanest dog at His door.
  • ترکمان را گر سگی باشد به در  ** بر درش بنهاده باشد رو و سر  2940
  • If a Turcoman's dog is lying at the door (of the tent), with his face and head resting on the threshold,
  • کودکان خانه دمش می‌کشند  ** باشد اندر دست طفلان خوارمند 
  • (Though) the children of the house keep pulling his tail, he will be humble (submissive) in the children's hands.
  • باز اگر بیگانه‌ای معبر کند  ** حمله بر وی هم‌چو شیر نر کند 
  • If, however, a stranger pass by, he (the dog) will rush at him like a fierce lion;
  • که اشداء علی الکفار شد  ** با ولی گل با عدو چون خار شد 
  • For he is hard on the unbelievers: to a friend he is (as) the rose, to an enemy as the thorn.
  • ز آب تتماجی که دادش ترکمان  ** آنچنان وافی شدست و پاسبان 
  • He has become so faithful and vigilant on account of the tutmáj broth that the Turcoman has given him.
  • پس سگ شیطان که حق هستش کند  ** اندرو صد فکرت و حیلت تند  2945
  • The dog, then, namely the Devil, whom God causes to exist and in whom He creates a hundred thoughts and cunning plans,
  • آب روها را غذای او کند  ** تا برد او آب روی نیک و بد 
  • And whom He feeds with (men's) honours, so that he takes away the honour of the virtuous and the wicked—