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  • وآن سخنشان وا شناسی بی‌گزند  ** که آن سخن‌گویان نهان اینها بدند 
  • And from their words wilt recognise without trouble that these were they who spoke (to thee) invisibly.
  • دیو گوید ای اسیر طبع و تن  ** عرضه می‌کردم نکردم زور من 
  • The Devil will say, ‘O thou who art a captive to thy (sensual) nature and body, I was (only) presenting to thee (objects of desire): I did not force (them upon thee).’
  • وآن فرشته گویدت من گفتمت  ** که ازین شادی فزون گردد غمت 
  • And the Angel will say, ‘I told thee that thy sorrow would be increased in consequence of this (sensual) joy.
  • آن فلان روزت نگفتم من چنان  ** که از آن سویست ره سوی جنان 
  • Did not I tell thee on such and such a day that the way to Paradise is in that (spiritual) direction?
  • ما محب جان و روح افزای تو  ** ساجدان مخلص بابای تو  2995
  • (That) we are lovers of thy soul and fosterers of thy spirit and sincere worshippers of thy Father?
  • این زمانت خدمتی هم می‌کنیم  ** سوی مخدومی صلایت می‌زنیم 
  • (That) at this time also we are serving thee and inviting thee (to advance) towards sovereignty?
  • آن گره بابات را بوده عدی  ** در خطاب اسجدوا کرده ابا 
  • (And that) that party (the Devils) were thy Father's enemies who refused to obey the (Divine) command, Worship (Adam)?
  • آن گرفتی آن ما انداختی  ** حق خدمتهای ما نشناختی 
  • Thou didst accept that (offer made by them), thou didst reject ours: thou didst not acknowledge the debt (of gratitude) due for our services.
  • این زمان ما را و ایشان را عیان  ** در نگر بشناس از لحن و بیان 
  • Now look on us and them in clear view, and recognise (each party) by voice and speech.’
  • نیم شب چون بشنوی رازی ز دوست  ** چون سخن گوید سحر دانی که اوست  3000
  • If you hear a secret from a friend at midnight, you will know that it was he when he speaks (to you again) at dawn;