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  • این روش خصم و حقود آن شده  ** تا مقلد در دو ره حیران شده 
  • This doctrine has become the adversary and bitter enemy of that, so that the imitator (who adopts the beliefs of others) is in a dilemma;
  • صدق هر دو ضد بیند در روش  ** هر فریقی در ره خود خوش منش 
  • (For) he sees that both the opponents are firm in their doctrine: every sect is pleased with its own path.
  • گر جوابش نیست می‌بندد ستیز  ** بر همان دم تا به روز رستخیز 
  • If it has no reply (to the arguments brought against it), it will cling obstinately to the same formula till the Day of Resurrection,
  • که مهان ما بدانند این جواب  ** گرچه از ما شد نهان وجه صواب 
  • Saying, “Our great authorities know the reply to this, although the right method (of answering) is hidden from us.”
  • پوزبند وسوسه عشقست و بس  ** ورنه کی وسواس را بستست کس  3230
  • The only muzzle for evil suggestions (of doubt) is Love; else, when has any one (ever) stopped (such) temptation?
  • عاشقی شو شاهدی خوبی بجو  ** صید مرغابی همی‌کن جو بجو 
  • Become a lover, seek a fair minion, hunt a waterfowl from river to river.
  • کی بری زان آب کان آبت برد  ** کی کنی زان فهم فهمت را خورد 
  • How will you get water (spirituality) from that one who takes your water away? How will you apprehend (the truth) from that one (who) consumes your (spiritual) apprehension?
  • غیر این معقولها معقولها  ** یابی اندر عشق با فر و بها 
  • In Love, (which is) glorious and resplendent, you will find intelligible things other than these intelligible things.
  • غیر این عقل تو حق را عقلهاست  ** که بدان تدبیر اسباب سماست 
  • To God belong intelligences other than this intelligence of yours, (intelligences) by which the mediate celestial things are ruled;
  • که بدین عقل آوری ارزاق را  ** زان دگر مفرش کنی اطباق را  3235
  • For by this (individual) intelligence you procure the means of subsistence, (while) by that other (universal intelligence) you make the tiers of Heaven a carpet (under your feet).