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  • غیر این معقولها معقولها  ** یابی اندر عشق با فر و بها 
  • In Love, (which is) glorious and resplendent, you will find intelligible things other than these intelligible things.
  • غیر این عقل تو حق را عقلهاست  ** که بدان تدبیر اسباب سماست 
  • To God belong intelligences other than this intelligence of yours, (intelligences) by which the mediate celestial things are ruled;
  • که بدین عقل آوری ارزاق را  ** زان دگر مفرش کنی اطباق را  3235
  • For by this (individual) intelligence you procure the means of subsistence, (while) by that other (universal intelligence) you make the tiers of Heaven a carpet (under your feet).
  • چون ببازی عقل در عشق صمد  ** عشر امثالت دهد یا هفت‌صد 
  • When you gamble away (sacrifice) your intelligence in love of the Lord, He gives you ten like unto it or seven hundred.
  • آن زنان چون عقلها درباختند  ** بر رواق عشق یوسف تاختند 
  • Those women (of Egypt), when they gambled away (sacrificed) their intelligences, sped onward to the pavilion of Joseph's love.
  • عقلشان یک‌دم ستد ساقی عمر  ** سیر گشتند از خرد باقی مرد 
  • (Love which is) the cupbearer of life took away their intelligence in one moment: they drank their fill of wisdom all the rest of their lives.
  • اصل صد یوسف جمال ذوالجلال  ** ای کم از زن شو فدای آن جمال 
  • The beauty of the Almighty is the source of a hundred Josephs: O you who are less than a woman, devote yourself to that beauty!
  • عشق برد بحث را ای جان و بس  ** کو ز گفت و گو شود فریاد رس  3240
  • O (dear) soul, Love alone cuts disputation short, for it (alone) comes to the rescue when you cry for help against arguments.
  • حیرتی آید ز عشق آن نطق را  ** زهره نبود که کند او ماجرا 
  • Eloquence is dumbfounded by Love: it dare not engage in altercation;
  • که بترسد گر جوابی وا دهد  ** گوهری از لنج او بیرون فتد 
  • For he (the lover) fears that, if he answer back, a pearl (his inner experience) may fall out of his mouth.