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  • هر یکی بر جا ترنجیدی چو یخ  ** کی بدی پران و جویان چون ملخ 
  • Each one (of them) would be (as) stiff and immovable as ice: how should they be flying and seeking like locusts?
  • ذره ذره عاشقان آن کمال  ** می‌شتابد در علو هم‌چون نهال 
  • Every mote is in love with that Perfection and hastening upward like a sapling.
  • سبح لله هست اشتابشان  ** تنقیه‌ی تن می‌کنند از بهر جان 
  • Their haste is (saying implicitly) “Glory to God!” They are purifying the body for the sake of the spirit.
  • پهلوان چه را چو ره پنداشته  ** شوره‌اش خوش آمده حب کاشته  3860
  • The captain deemed (what was really) a pit to be like a (safe) road: to him the sterile soil appeared goodly, (so) he sowed seed (in it).
  • چون خیالی دید آن خفته به خواب  ** جفت شد با آن و از وی رفت آب 
  • Dormiens cum (aliquis) simulacrum (amatae) in somnio videret, cum eo coivit et aqua (seminis) effusa est. [When the sleeper saw an image (of her) in a dream, he coupled with it and (seminal) fluid flowed from him.]
  • چون برفت آن خواب و شد بیدار زود  ** دید که آن لعبت به بیداری نبود 
  • Postquam somnium abscessit et ipse extemplo experrectus est, sensit illam pupam sibi jam vigilanti coram non adesse. [When the dream departed and he woke up at once, he saw that that doll was not (present) in wakefulness.]
  • گفت بر هیچ آب خود بردم دریغ  ** عشوه‌ی آن عشوه‌ده خوردم دریغ 
  • Dixit: “Eheu, aquam meam nihilo ingessi; eheu, dolosi illius (simulacri) dolum expertus sum.” [He said: “Alas! I have borne my fluid (sperm) for nothing. Alas! I have swallowed the coquetry of that artful schemer (image).]
  • پهلوان تن بد آن مردی نداشت  ** تخم مردی در چنان ریگی بکاشت 
  • Fuit ille dux (nonnisi) corporis imperator, revera vir non fuit: virilatis semen in ejusmodi arena sevit. [That one was a captain of the body (only), he lacked (true) manliness: he sowed the seed of manliness in such (a place of) sand.]
  • مرکب عشقش دریده صد لگام  ** نعره می‌زد لا ابالی بالحمام  3865
  • The steed of his love tore up a hundred bridles: he (the captain) was shouting, “I care naught for death.
  • ایش ابالی بالخلیفه فی‌الهوی  ** استوی عندی وجودی والتوی 
  • What should I care about the Caliph? (Since I am) in love, my life and death are the same to me.”