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  • آب حیوان قبله‌ی جان دوستان  ** ز آب باشد سبز و خندان بوستان 
  • The Water of Life is the goal of those to whom life is dear: by water the garden is (made) verdant and smiling.
  • مرگ آشامان ز عشقش زنده‌اند  ** دل ز جان و آب جان بر کنده‌اند  4220
  • (But) those who quaff the cup of death are living through His love: they have torn their hearts away from life and the Water of Life.
  • آب عشق تو چو ما را دست داد  ** آب حیوان شد به پیش ما کساد 
  • When the water of Thy love gave us its hand (was gained by us), the Water of Life became worthless in our sight.
  • ز آب حیوان هست هر جان را نوی  ** لیک آب آب حیوانی توی 
  • Every soul derives freshness from the Water of Life, but Thou art the Water (Source) of the Water of Life.
  • هر دمی مرگی و حشری دادیم  ** تا بدیدم دست برد آن کرم 
  • Thou didst bestow on me a (spiritual) death and a resurrection continually, that I might experience the conquering power of that bounty (of Thine).
  • هم‌چو خفتن گشت این مردن مرا  ** ز اعتماد بعث کردن ای خدا 
  • This (bodily) dying became (as unformidable) to me as sleeping, from my confidence that Thou, O God, wouldst raise me from the dead.
  • هفت دریا هر دم ار گردد سراب  ** گوش گیری آوریش ای آب آب  4225
  • If the Seven Seas become a mirage at every moment, Thou wilt take it (the water) by the ear and bring it (back), O Water (Source) of the water.
  • عقل لرزان از اجل وان عشق شوخ  ** سنگ کی ترسد ز باران چون کلوخ 
  • Reason is trembling with fear of death, but Love is bold: how should the stone be afraid of rain as the clod (is)?
  • از صحاف مثنوی این پنجمست  ** بر بروج چرخ جان چون انجمست 
  • This is the Fifth of the Scrolls (Books) of the Mathnawí: it is like the stars in the zodiacal signs of the spiritual sky.
  • ره نیابد از ستاره هر حواس  ** جز که کشتیبان استاره‌شناس 
  • Not every sense can find its way by the star: (none can do so) except the mariner acquainted with the star.