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  • استخوان و باد روپوشست و بس  ** در دو عالم غیر یزدان نیست کس 
  • The bone and the air are only a veil: in the two worlds there is none except God.
  • مستمع او قایل او بی‌احتجاب  ** زانک الاذنان من الراس ای مثاب 
  • He is the hearer, He is the speaker, (whom mystics behold) unveiled; for the ears belong to the head, O you who have merited the Divine recompense.
  • گفت رحمت گر همی‌آید برو  ** زر بده بستانش ای اکرام‌خو  1025
  • He (the Jew) said, “If thou art feeling pity for him, give (me) gold and take him (in exchange), O man of generous disposition.
  • از منش وا خر چو می‌سوزد دلت  ** بی‌منت حل نگردد مشکلت 
  • Since thy heart is burning (with sympathy), ransom him from me: thy difficulty will not be solved without expense.”
  • گفت صد خدمت کنم پانصد سجود  ** بنده‌ای دارم تن اسپید و جهود 
  • He replied, “I will perform a hundred services (on his behalf) and five hundred prostrations (in thanksgiving for success). I have a handsome slave, but (he is) a Jew;
  • تن سپید و دل سیاهستش بگیر  ** در عوض ده تن سیاه و دل منیر 
  • He has a white body, but a black heart: take (him), and give (me) in exchange that one whose body is black but whose heart is illumined.”
  • پس فرستاد و بیاورد آن همام  ** بود الحق سخت زیبا آن غلام 
  • Then the chieftain (Abú Bakr) sent (a messenger) to fetch him: in sooth that slave was exceedingly comely,
  • آنچنان که ماند حیران آن جهود  ** آن دل چون سنگش از جا رفت زود  1030
  • So that the Jew was dumbfounded: at once his stony heart inclined (towards him).
  • حالت صورت‌پرستان این بود  ** سنگشان از صورتی مومین بود 
  • This is what happens to form-worshippers: their stone is (made) waxen by a (beauteous) form.
  • باز کرد استیزه و راضی نشد  ** که برین افزون بده بی‌هیچ بد 
  • (Then) again he wrangled and would not be satisfied, saying, “Without any evasion, (thou must) give more than this.”