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  • گفت واپس واپس ای خیره سرت  ** باز می‌رو تا بکس مادرت 
  • “(Go) backward, backward,” said he, “O giddy-headed one”; “keep going back usque ad cunnum matris tuae!” [“(Go) backward, backward,” said he, “O giddy-headed one”; “keep going back until (you return to) your mother’s vagina!”]
  • حکایت در تقریر همین سخن 
  • Story in exposition of the same topic.
  • آن یکی اسپی طلب کرد از امیر  ** گفت رو آن اسپ اشهب را بگیر 
  • A certain man begged an Amír to give him a horse: he said, “Go and take that grey horse.”
  • گفت آن را من نخواهم گفت چون  ** گفت او واپس‌روست و بس حرون 
  • He replied, “I don't want that one.” “Why not?” he asked. “It goes backward and is very restive,” said he;
  • سخت پس پس می‌رود او سوی بن  ** گفت دمش را به سوی خانه کن  1120
  • “It goes back, back very hard in the direction of its rump.” He replied, “Turn its tail towards home!”
  • دم این استور نفست شهوتست  ** زین سبب پس پس رود آن خودپرست 
  • The tail of this beast you are riding, (namely), your carnal soul, is lust; hence that self-worshipper goes back, back.
  • شهوت او را که دم آمد ز بن  ** ای مبدل شهوت عقبیش کن 
  • O changer, make its (carnal) lust, which is the tail, to be entirely lust for the world hereafter.
  • چون ببندی شهوتش را از رغیف  ** سر کند آن شهوت از عقل شریف 
  • When you bind its lust (and debar it) from the loaf, that lust puts forth its head from (is transformed into) noble reason.
  • هم‌چو شاخی که ببری از درخت  ** سر کند قوت ز شاخ نیک‌بخت 
  • As, when you lop off a (superfluous) branch from a tree, vigour is imparted to the well-conditioned branches.
  • چونک کردی دم او را آن طرف  ** گر رود پس پس رود تا مکتنف  1125
  • When you have turned its (the carnal steed's) tail in that direction, if it goes backward, it goes to the place of shelter.
  • حبذا اسپان رام پیش‌رو  ** نه سپس‌رو نه حرونی را گرو 
  • How excellent are the docile horses which go forward, not backward, and are not given over to restiveness,