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  • تن مناره علم و طاعت هم‌چو مرغ  ** خواه سیصد مرغ‌گیر و یا دو مرغ  1145
  • 1145 The body is the minaret, knowledge and obedience (to God) are like the bird: suppose three hundred birds (to be perched on it) or (only) two birds, whichever you please.
  • مرد اوسط مرغ‌بینست او و بس  ** غیر مرغی می‌نبیند پیش و پس 
  • The middle man sees the bird only: neither before nor behind (him) does he see anything but a bird.
  • موی آن نور نیست پنهان آن مرغ  ** هیچ عاریت نباشد کار او 
  • The hair is the hidden light belonging to the bird, whereby the soul of the bird is enduring (for ever).
  • مرغ کان مویست درمنقار او ** هیچ عاریت نباشد کار او
  • The works of the bird in whose beak is that hair are never counterfeit.
  • علم او از جان او جوشد مدام  ** پیش او نه مستعار آمد نه وام 
  • Its knowledge gushes perpetually from its soul: it (this bird) has nothing that is borrowed (from others) and (owes) no debt.
  • رنجور شدن این هلال و بی‌خبری خواجه‌ی او از رنجوری او از تحقیر و ناشناخت و واقف شدن دل مصطفی علیه‌السلام از رنجوری و حال او و افتقاد و عیادت رسول علیه‌السلام این هلال را 
  • How this Hilál fell ill, and how his master was unaware of his being ill, because he despised him and did not recognise (his real worth); and how the heart of Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, came to know of his illness and his state (of weakness), and how the Prophet, on whom be peace, inquired after this Hilál and went to see him.
  • از قضا رنجور و ناخوش شد هلال  ** مصطفی را وحی شد غماز حال  1150
  • By (Divine) destiny Hilál became ill and weak: inspiration acquainted Mustafá with his condition.
  • بد ز رنجوریش خواجه‌ش بی‌خبر  ** که بر او بد کساد و بی‌خطر 
  • His master was unaware of his illness, for in his eyes he (Hilál) was worth little and without importance.
  • خفته نه روز اندر آخر محسنی  ** هیچ کس از حال او آگاه نی 
  • (Such) a well-doer lay (ill) in the stable for nine days, and none took notice of his plight.
  • آنک کس بود و شهنشاه کسان  ** عقل صد چون قلزمش هر جا رسان 
  • (But) he who was a personage and the Emperor of (all) personages, he whose oceanic mind reaches every place—
  • وحیش آمد رحم حق غم‌خوار شد  ** که فلان مشتاق تو بیمار شد 
  • To him came the (Divine) inspiration: God's Mercy sympathised (with Hilál), saying (to the Prophet), “Such-and-such an one who longs for thee is fallen sick.”