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  • چون بود آن تشنه‌ای کو گل چرد  ** آب بر سر بنهدش خوش می‌برد  1185
  • The thirsty man who eats clay (to slake his thirst), how is he (when) the Water (of Life) lays him on its head (surface) and bears him happily along?
  • در بیان آنک مصطفی علیه‌السلام شنید کی عیسی علیه‌السلام بر روی آب رفت فرمود لو ازداد یقینه لمشی علی الهواء 
  • [Explanation of (the following Tradition), that Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, hearing that Jesus, on whom be peace, walked on the water, said, ‘If his faith had increased, he would have walked on the air.’]
  • هم‌چو عیسی بر سرش گیرد فرات  ** که ایمنی از غرقه در آب حیات 
  • (How is he) whom the vast river takes on its head (surface), like Jesus, saying, ‘In the Water of Life thou art safe from drowning’?”
  • گوید احمد گر یقینش افزون بدی  ** خود هوایش مرکب و مامون بدی 
  • Ahmad (Mohammed) says, “Had (his) faith been greater, even the air would have carried him safely,
  • هم‌چو من که بر هوا راکب شدم  ** در شب معراج مستصحب شدم 
  • Like me, who rode upon the air on the night of the Ascension and sought communion (with God).”
  • گفت چون باشد سگی کوری پلید  ** جست او از خواب خود را شیر دید 
  • He (Hilál) said, “How is a blind filthy dog that sprang up from sleep and found itself to be a lion?—
  • نه چنان شیری که کس تیرش زند  ** بل ز بیمش تیغ و پیکان بشکند  1190
  • Not such a lion as any one could shoot; nay, but (such an one that) by the terror of it sword and javelin would be shattered.
  • کور بر اشکم رونده هم‌چو مار  ** چشمها بگشاد در باغ و بهار 
  • The blind man, (who was) going on his belly, like a snake— (how is he when) he has opened his eyes in the garden and in spring?”
  • چون بود آن چون که از چونی رهید  ** در حیاتستان بی‌چونی رسید 
  • How is the “how” (contingent being) that has been freed from “how-ness” (conditionedness) and has attained unto the abounding life of “how-lessness”?
  • گشت چونی‌بخش اندر لامکان  ** گرد خوانش جمله چونها چون سگان 
  • He has become a dispenser of “how-ness” in the world beyond locality: all “how's” are (gathered) round his table, like dogs.
  • او ز بی‌چونی دهدشان استخوان  ** در جنابت تن زن این سوره مخوان 
  • He gives (throws) to them a bone from (the table of) “how-lessness.” Do thou, (being) in the state of pollution, keep silence: do not recite this Súra (of the Qur’án).