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  • گر بدیدی یک سر موی از معاد  ** اوش گفتی این چنین عمر تو باد 
  • If he had seen (even as much as) a hair's tip of the future state, he would have said to him (who wished him long life), “May thy life be like this!”
  • داستان آن درویش کی آن گیلانی را دعا کرد کی خدا ترا به سلامت به خان و مان باز رساناد 
  • Story of the dervish who blessed a man of Gílán, saying, “May God bring thee back in safety to thy home and household!”
  • گفت یک روزی به خواجه‌ی گیلیی  ** نان پرستی نر گدا زنبیلیی 
  • One day a sturdy beggar, (who was) very fond of bread and carried a basket (about with him), accosted a Khwája of Gílán.
  • چون ستد زو نان بگفت ای مستعان  ** خوش به خان و مان خود بازش رسان 
  • On receiving some bread from him, he cried, “O Thou (God) whose help is besought, bring him back happy to his home and household!”
  • گفت خان ار آنست که من دیده‌ام  ** حق ترا آنجا رساند ای دژم 
  • He (the Khwája) said, “If the house is the one that I have seen (recently), may God bring thee there, O squalid wretch!”
  • هر محدث را خسان باذل کنند  ** حرفش ار عالی بود نازل کنند  1240
  • Worthless folk humiliate every story-teller: if his words are lofty, they make them low;
  • زانک قدر مستمع آید نبا  ** بر قد خواجه برد درزی قبا 
  • For the tale is (lofty or low) in proportion to (the understanding of) the hearer: the tailor cuts the coat according to the Khwája's (customer's) figure.
  • صفت آن عجوز 
  • [Description of the old woman.]
  • چونک مجلس بی چنین پیغاره نیست  ** از حدیث پست نازل چاره نیست 
  • Since the audience is not free from such reproach, there is no means of avoiding low and undignified talk.
  • واستان هین این سخن را از گرو  ** سوی افسانه‌ی عجوزه باز رو 
  • Hark, redeem this topic (of discourse) from pawn: return to the tale of the old woman.
  • چون مسن گشت و درین ره نیست مرد  ** تو بنه نامش عجوز سال‌خورد 
  • When he (any one) has become advanced in years and is not a man (adept) in this Way, bestow the name of “aged crone” upon him.
  • نه مرورا راس مال و پایه‌ای  ** نه پذیرای قبول مایه‌ای  1245
  • He has neither (any spiritual) capital and basis, nor is he capable of receiving (such a) stock-in-trade.