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  • عجزبخش جان هر نامحرمی  ** لیک قدرت‌بخش جان هم‌دمی  1310
  • It (the miracle) bestows infirmity on any one that is uninitiated, but it bestows power on the spirit of an intimate.
  • چون نیابی این سعادت در ضمیر  ** پس ز ظاهر هر دم استدلال گیر 
  • Since you do not feel this bliss in your inmost heart, then continually seek the clue to it from outside,
  • که اثرها بر مشاعر ظاهرست  ** وین اثرها از مثر مخبرست 
  • For effects are apparent to the senses, and these effects give information concerning their producer.
  • هست پنهان معنی هر داروی  ** هم‌چو سحر و صنعت هر جادوی 
  • The virtue of every drug is hidden like magic and the art of any sorcerer;
  • چون نظر در فعل و آثارش کنی  ** گرچه پنهانست اظهارش کنی 
  • (But) when you regard its action and effects, you bring it to light (even) though it is hidden.
  • قوتی کان اندرونش مضمرست  ** چون به فعل آید عیان و مظهرست  1315
  • The potency that is concealed within it is clearly seen and made manifest when it comes into action.
  • چون به آثار این همه پیدا شدت  ** چون نشد پیدا ز تاثیر ایزدت 
  • Since all these things are revealed to you by means of effects, how is not God revealed to you by the production of effects?
  • نه سببها و اثرها مغز و پوست  ** چون بجویی جملگی آثار اوست 
  • Causes and effects, (both) kernel and husk—are not the whole (of them), when you investigate, effects produced by Him?
  • دوست گیری چیزها را از اثر  ** پس چرا ز آثاربخشی بی‌خبر 
  • You make friends with things because of the effect (which they produce): why, then, are you ignorant of Him who produces (all) effects?
  • از خیالی دوست گیری خلق را  ** چون نگیری شاه غرب و شرق را 
  • You make friends with people on the ground of a phantasy: why do not you make friends with the King of west and east?