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  • بیند اندر ذره خورشید بقا  ** بیند اندر قطره کل بحر را 
  • In the mote it beholds the everlasting Sun, in the drop (of water) it beholds the entire Sea.
  • بار دیگر رجوع کردن به قصه‌ی صوفی و قاضی 
  • Returning once more to the Story of the Súfí and the Cadi.
  • گفت صوفی در قصاص یک قفا  ** سر نشاید باد دادن از عمی 
  • The Súfí said (to himself), “It does not behove me blindly to lose my head by taking retaliation for a single slap on the nape.
  • خرقه‌ی تسلیم اندر گردنم  ** بر من آسان کرد سیلی خوردنم 
  • My putting on the (Súfí’s) mantle of resignation has made it easy for me to suffer blows.”
  • دید صوفی خصم خود را سخت زار  ** گفت اگر مشتش زنم من خصم‌وار  1485
  • The Súfí observed that his adversary was exceedingly frail: he said (to himself), “If I give him a hostile blow with my fist,
  • او به یک مشتم بریزد چون رصاص  ** شاه فرماید مرا زجر و قصاص 
  • At my first blow he will crumble like dead, and then the king will punish me and exact retaliation.
  • خیمه ویرانست و بشکسته وتد  ** او بهانه می‌جود تا در فتد 
  • The tent is ruined and the tent-pin broken: it (the tent) is seeking (the least) excuse to fall in.
  • بهر این مرده دریغ آید دریغ  ** که قصاصم افتد اندر زیر تیغ 
  • It would be a pity, a (great) pity, that on account of this (virtually) dead man retaliation should fall upon me under the sword.”
  • چون نمی‌توانست کف بر خصم زد  ** عزمش آن شد کش سوی قاضی برد 
  • Since he durst not give his adversary a fisticuff, he resolved to take him to the Cadi.
  • که ترازوی حق است و کیله‌اش  ** مخلص است از مکر دیو و حیله‌اش  1490
  • Saying (to himself), “He (the cadi) is God’s scales and measure, he is the means of deliverance from the deceit and cunning of the Devil.
  • هست او مقراض احقاد و جدال  ** قاطع جن دو خصم و قیل و قال 
  • He is the scissors for (cutting off) enmities and wranglings, he is the decider of the quarrels and disputes of the two litigants.