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  • بر شمار برگ بستان ند و ضد  ** چون کفی بر بحر بی‌ضدست و ند 
  • Opposites and likes, in number as the leaves of the orchard, are (but) as a flake of foam on the Sea that hath no like or opposite.
  • بی‌چگونه بین تو برد و مات بحر  ** چون چگونه گنجد اندر ذات بحر 
  • Perceive that the victory and defeat of the Sea are unconditioned: how, (then), should there be room for conditionality in the essence of the Sea?
  • کمترین لعبت او جان تست  ** این چگونه و چون جان کی شد درست 
  • Your soul is the least of its playthings; (yet) how can the quality and description of the soul be ascertained?
  • پس چنان بحری که در هر قطر آن  ** از بدن ناشی‌تر آمد عقل و جان  1625
  • Such a Sea, then, with every drop whereof the intellect and the spirit are more unfamiliar than the body—
  • کی بگنجد در مضیق چند و چون  ** عقل کل آنجاست از لا یعلمون 
  • How should it be contained in the narrow room of quantity and quality? There (even) Universal Reason is one of the ignorant.
  • عقل گوید مر جسد را که ای جماد  ** بوی بردی هیچ از آن بحر معاد 
  • Reason says to the body, ‘O lifeless thing, hast thou ever had a scent of the Sea whither all return?’
  • جسم گوید من یقین سایه‌ی توم  ** یاری از سایه که جوید جان عم 
  • The body replies, ‘Assuredly I am thy shadow: who would seek help from a shadow, O soul of thy uncle?’
  • عقل گوید کین نه آن حیرت سراست  ** که سزا گستاخ‌تر از ناسزاست 
  • Reason says, ‘This is the house of bewilderment, not a house where the worthy is bolder than the unworthy.’
  • اندرینجا آفتاب انوری  ** خدمت ذره کند چون چاکری  1630
  • Here the resplendent sun pays homage to the mote, like a menial.
  • شیر این سو پیش آهو سر نهد  ** باز اینجا نزد تیهو پر نهد 
  • In this quarter the lion lays his head (in submission) before the deer; here the falcon lays (droops) his wings before the partridge.