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  • دور دارد از ضعیفان در کمین  ** مکر نفس و فتنه‌ی دیو لعین 
  • And keep far off from poor (mortals) the cunning of the flesh and the temptation of the Devil (which lurk) in ambush?”
  • جواب دادن قاضی صوفی را 
  • The Cadi's reply to the Súfí.
  • گفت قاضی گر نبودی امر مر  ** ور نبودی خوب و زشت و سنگ و در 
  • The Cadi said, “Were there no bitter (stern) Commandment (from God) and were there no good and evil and no pebbles and pearls,
  • ور نبودی نفس و شیطان و هوا  ** ور نبودی زخم و چالیش و وغا 
  • And were there no flesh and Devil and passions, and were there no blows and battle and war,
  • پس به چه نام و لقب خواندی ملک  ** بندگان خویش را ای منهتک 
  • Then by what name and title would the King call His servants, O abandoned man?
  • چون بگفتی ای صبور و ای حلیم  ** چون بگفتی ای شجاع و ای حکیم  1750
  • How could He say, ‘O steadfast one’ and ‘O forbearing one’? How could He say, ‘O brave one’ and ‘O wise one’?
  • صابرین و صادقین و منفقین  ** چون بدی بی ره‌زن و دیو لعین 
  • How could there be steadfast and sincere and spending men without a brigand and accursed Devil?
  • رستم و حمزه و مخنث یک بدی  ** علم و حکمت باطل و مندک بدی 
  • Rustam and Hamza and a catamite would be (all) one; knowledge and wisdom would be annulled and utterly demolished.
  • علم و حکمت بهر راه و بی‌رهیست  ** چون همه ره باشد آن حکمت تهیست 
  • Knowledge and wisdom exist for the purpose of (distinguishing between) the right path and the wrong paths: when all (paths) are the right path, knowledge and wisdom are void (of meaning).
  • بهر این دکان طبع شوره‌آب  ** هر دو عالم را روا داری خراب 
  • Do you think it allowable that both the worlds should be ruined for the sake of this briny (foul) shop of the (sensual) nature?
  • من همی‌دانم که تو پاکی نه خام  ** وین سالت هست از بهر عوام  1755
  • I know that you are pure (enlightened), not raw (foolish), and that these questions of yours are (asked) for the sake of (instructing) the vulgar.