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  • گردد آنگه فکر نقش نامه‌ها  ** این بطانه روی کار جامه‌ها 
  • The (secret) thoughts will then become (materialised in) the form of the books (recording good and evil actions): this lining will become the working surface of the garments.
  • این زمان سرها مثال گاو پیس  ** دوک نطق اندر ملل صد رنگ ریس 
  • During this (present) time (men's) inward beliefs are (as variegated) as a piebald cow, and in the (different) religious sects the spindle of speech is spinning (threads of) a hundred colours.
  • نوبت صدرنگیست و صددلی  ** عالم یک رنگ کی گردد جلی 
  • ’Tis the turn (reign) of many-colouredness and many-mindedness: how should the one-coloured world become unveiled?
  • نوبت زنگست رومی شد نهان  ** این شبست و آفتاب اندر رهان  1870
  • ’Tis the turn (reign) of the Ethiopian; the Greek is hidden (from view): this is night, and the sun is in pawn.
  • نوبت گرگست و یوسف زیر چاه  ** نوبت قبطست و فرعونست شاه 
  • ’Tis the turn (reign) of the wolf, and Joseph is at the bottom of the well; ’tis the turn (reign) of the Egyptians, and Pharaoh is king.
  • تا ز رزق بی‌دریغ خیره‌خند  ** این سگان را حصه باشد روز چند 
  • (Such is the Divine purpose), in order that for a few days these curs may have their allotted portion of the unstinted and deluding (worldly) provision.
  • در درون بیشه شیران منتظر  ** تا شود امر تعالوا منتشر 
  • (But) within the jungle (of this world) are lions (righteous and holy men), waiting for the command “Come!” to be spread abroad.
  • پس برون آیند آن شیران ز مرج  ** بی‌حجابی حق نماید دخل و خرج 
  • Then those lions will come forth from the (worldly) pasture, and God will show (unto them) their income and expenditure without any veil (disguise).
  • جوهر انسان بگیرد بر و بحر  ** پیسه گاوان بسملان آن روز نحر  1875
  • The (spiritual) essence of Man will encompass land and sea, (while) the piebald cattle will be killed as victims on the Day of Slaughter.
  • روز نحر رستخیز سهمناک  ** مومنان را عید و گاوان را هلاک 
  • The terrible Day of Slaughter at the Resurrection is a festival for the true believers and (the hour of) destruction for the cattle.