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  • از حجب چون حس سمعش در گذشت  ** شد سرافراز و ز گردون بر گذشت  1920
  • When his auditory sense had pierced through the veils, he raised his head aloft and passed beyond the skies,
  • که بود کان حس چشمش ز اعتبار  ** زان حجاب غیب هم یابد گذار 
  • (Thinking) that maybe, by taking the lesson to heart, his sense of sight would also find a passage through the veil of the Unseen,
  • چون گذاره شد حواسش از حجاب  ** پس پیاپی گرددش دید و خطاب 
  • And that when (both) his senses had passed through the veil, his vision and allocution (from God) would then be continuous.
  • جانب دکان وراق آمد او  ** دست می‌برد او به مشقش سو به سو 
  • (So) he came to the stationer's shop and (for some time) was laying his hand here and there on his (the stationer's) models for writing.
  • پیش چشمش آمد آن مکتوب زود  ** با علاماتی که هاتف گفته بود 
  • Suddenly that piece of script, with the distinctive marks which the heavenly voice had mentioned, caught his eye.
  • در بغل زد گفت خواجه خیر باد  ** این زمان وا می‌رسم ای اوستاد  1925
  • He slipped it under his arm and said, “Good-bye, Khwája: I will come back presently, O master.”
  • رفت کنج خلوتی و آن را بخواند  ** وز تحیر واله و حیران بماند 
  • He went into a solitary nook and read it and remained lost in bewilderment and amazement,
  • که بدین سان گنج‌نامه‌ی بی‌بها  ** چون فتاده ماند اندر مشقها 
  • (Wondering) how a priceless treasure-scroll of this sort had fallen and been left among the (stationer's) papers.
  • باز اندر خاطرش این فکر جست  ** کز پی هر چیز یزدان حافظست 
  • (Then) again the thought darted into his mind, that God is the guardian for everything,
  • کی گذارد حافظ اندر اکتناف  ** که کسی چیزی رباید از گزاف 
  • (And) how should the Guardian, in (His) circumspection, let any one recklessly carry off anything?